Innovative Scandinavian nursery furniture and accessories

Designed in the simple Scandi look, Mokee’s nursery furniture and accessories offer parents stylish solutions for their babies’ nurseries at competitive prices without having to compromise on quality.

Mokee’s Seven Item Premium Nursery Collection is currently being offered at 40% off, including the Mini Cot Bed, Luxury Breathable Mattress, Mini Cot Bed Fitted Sheet, Baby Changing Mat, Cot Drawer, Pokee Cot Organiser and Melange Grey Cot Bedding Set. These seven items are now available for £449, reduced from £743.

Mokee’s Premium Nursery Set is the perfect gift for parents from soon-to-be grandparents or from Godparents who can club together and buy the must-have stylish essentials for the baby.

grey coloured cot organiser in Scandinavian style

The Mini Cot Bed is perfect for newborns right up to three year old toddlers. It is small and compact in design and packed full of clever features that parents can match with nursery accessories. Available in seven stylish colours, the panel of the cot can be removed to create the perfect first bed for toddlers.

The Mini Cot Bed Fitted Sheet helps protect the baby’s comfort and the cot’s mattress. The fitted sheets are high-quality that feel wonderfully soft and light against the baby’s skin. An indispensable product to not only improve baby’s comfort while sleeping but also to protect the mattress. Easy to care, this fitted sheet is completed with a handy elastic band that goes all the way around the sheet, fitting the ‘cot’s mattress tightly and securely.  It is currently available in two sizes and 10 varied colour options, including the ever so popular Watermelon print.

The Luxury Breathable Mattress is the ultimate in breathability. The Ramen mattress is probably the safest, cleanest and most comforting mattress on the market.

It is called the Ramen mattress, because it is made from a high-tech food grade Japanese polymer, that resembles, oddly, in some small way, Ramen noodles (!) A woven network of firm “noodles” makes up this groundbreaking and 100% breathable mattress. Babies turn over whilst sleeping, and it is the most enormous comfort to any parent to know that they can breathe straight through their mattress.

Supplied with a soft quilted polyester shell, which is removable and washable. The Ramen core (the noodle bit) can be washed clean in the shower, meaning this mattress has to be the most hygienic on the market.

Available in three colours and prints, this Baby Changing Mat is perfect for even the smallest of nurseries. The wedges on the sides provide reassurance that the baby will stay put, and the soft surface is easy to clean. Ergonomically designed to sit comfortably on top of the cot, when parents are finished, they can simply hang it over the side of the cot.

Nappies, vests, socks, toys, blankets and the list goes on, require a special place in a baby’s room. Often the best option is to keep these necessities under the crib. This Cot Drawer has small caster wheels that make it easy for the drawer to roll in and out from under the crib.

This drawer fits under the Mini Cot perfectly to help parents keep their baby’s nursery organised.

Organising and babies go hand in hand. MoKee’s Pokee Cot Organiser enables parents to manage all items and accessories so they will be within reach whenever they need them. It has been designed to hang from the cot, making this a super slick space saver. Fill thirteen pockets with nappies, cosmetics, blankets, wipes or toys. They have different shapes and sizes to store all the essential items that parents need to deal with (un)expected situations.

Mokee’s bedding sets are universal as their sizes fit most of the cots on the market. The softest fabrics have created this premium-class bedding set to make baby feel safe and cosy. Available in six different colour options because nobody likes boring solutions, and it is great to have a choice!

moKee offers FREE delivery on orders over £149 as well as a free 30 days return policy and 365 days full warranty. Shipping within one week. Visit  and find more detail on the Premium Nursery Collection here.

laundry basked in Scandinavian style

Lovely laundry basked in Scandinavian style

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