Holiday gift guide 2024: The best dessert treat boxes

Presenting one of the best food gifts on this list at the next gathering will make you a hero this holiday season. There’s no shortage of delicious eats and treats to enjoy around this time of year. It’s a wonderful time to gather with loved ones and enjoy good food. To help you stand out at the next holiday party, London Mums have gathered 11 stunning dessert treat boxes options. Be sure to choose the perfect gift to make the holidays memorable. For someone with a sweet tooth, the perfect gift is something sugary and seasonal, like cookies, candy, or cocoa.

Holiday gift guide 2024: The best dessert treat boxes

11 Best Dessert Treat Boxes To Gift

These 11 ideas make your loved ones feel full and happy. Whether it is a pack of chocolates or simple brownies & cookies, we’ve something for everyone!

The Indulging Flavor Of Brownies

Letterbox brownies have become very famous these days because they are easy to choose from. Letterbox gifts are super convenient for those who live far apart from us. To those we can’t meet physically but can send them a piece of gift, these are called “letterbox” gifts. This holiday season, send a loving pack of brownies as a letterbox gift idea to your loved ones who live at a distance. 

A fan-favorite peppermint bark

Gifters have loved peppermint bark for years. It has the perfect blend of dark and white chocolate, topped with crunchy peppermint candy, and comes in a nostalgic tin. This can be one of the best holiday gift ideas that makes people happy and excited at the same time. 

Signature Cookies Assortments 

Get some favorite cookies packed in a gift box. This can be a customized gift box that includes various cookie flavors. You can add flavors like Chocolate Chip Walnut, Chocolate Chip and oatmeal Raisin, Dark Chocolate, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip. The cookie assortments packed items are perfectly baked at a medium temperature to keep them crispier and crunchier. 

Chocolate Making Kit

Transform their kitchen into a French patisserie with this chocolate kit for homemade baked goods. For chocolate lovers, this kit is an ideal option to celebrate this holiday season by baking a variety of chocolate desserts. 

Ultimate Box Of Truffle Collection

The best way to celebrate holidays is by indulging in this exquisite collection. It offers a range of creative flavors, as well as classic options, like simple Milk Chocolate. You can even add some more options for your choices to make the box even more complimented and unique. 

Branded Chocolate Gift Pack

Gourmet chocolate is a popular holiday gift that’s always a hit. Find a set that includes five different chocolate bars, perfect for pairing with a bottle of wine. This gift pack can also be customized with a variety of other sweet treats like small chocolate balls, mini marshmallows, or more. 

Banana Pudding Multi-Pack

Gifting someone a multi-pack of banana pudding is an excellent choice. If the recipe includes chocolate chips, banana pudding gives a balanced taste of sweetness and richness. 

A New Twist To Christmas Bread

Why settle for traditional Christmas bread when tiramisu panettone is here? The moist, soft, and sweet bread includes a tiramisu-flavored swirl of cheese and a large amount of chocolate chips. You can make this bread at home and give it to your loved ones during this holiday season to keep the celebrations shining. 

A Box of 12 Macaroons

Feeling bored of gifting traditional desserts on this holiday? Give a new twist when it comes to gifting a sweet treat box of 12 macarons that includes some vibrant colorful, delicious macaroons. This sweet delight suits every occasion whether it is a birthday or any small to big gatherings. You can even make the box more attractive by adding a personalized note or some flowers. 

A Simple Holiday Gift Set

Milk and cookies are one of the best combination when it is that time to celebrate moments. You can find options like a limited-edition dark chocolate and-ginger bar. Or you can choose something more like milk chocolate, cupcakes, or simple milk candies. 


Assorted Collection Of Mix Chocolates 

There is nothing sweet like chocolates. Every second person loves to eat chocolates in any form, whether they are candies, hard toffees, or milk chocolates. This time, make a customized box of assorted chocolates of mix choices, wrap the box with a nice gift wrapper, arrange some flowers, pin down a nice note, and the gift is ready!


Whether it is a celebration of parties or one big holiday, dessert treat boxes are a wonderful choice to gift someone. With desserts, we can share our feelings more clearly without even saying a word. They said: “When you gift someone a sweet dessert box, you make them bring closer to you.” And of course, with sweet treats, we can easily make someone happy, even, if theyr’re not in a mood. So, on this holiday season, marked down these gift ideas to celebrate the happy moments together!

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