Fun unique gift ideas for foodies with a sweet tooth

We all have that person in our lives who adores all things sweet. Who thinks a meal isn’t complete without dessert and is always on the lookout for a new and exciting tasty treats to eat. It can be challenging to find new and interesting gifts for a sweet tooth. Each birthday, Christmas or anniversary, they are invariably inundated with the classic box of chocolates or artisan sweets. 

If you want to find something a little different for the sweet tooth in your life, there are plenty of options out there. Here is our list of the best unique gift ideas for foodies with a sweet tooth.

Classic Cocktail Sets

Why not combine a love of sweet things with the fun of mixing and creating your own drinks? There are many different cocktail kits out there, so you could consider ones that help the giftee recreate all their favourite beverages from home. If they aren’t a big drinker, you can also get mocktail kits. 

You could also combine this gift with a course in mixology. Now that the coronavirus restrictions are slowly lifting consider getting in touch with some local cocktail bars to see if they offer classes or sign them up for an online course

Soothing Artisanal Tea Bags

An ideal gift for both tea drinkers and sweet tooths, artisanal tea bags are a perfect and unique gift. Select herbal or fruity teas to give your giftee that sweet hit they crave and consider tea sellers that can create a bespoke blend just for them. 

Decadent Vegan Brownies

If you have a vegan sweet tooth to buy for, you can’t go wrong with vegan brownies. Vegan baked goods have come a long way over the last few years and now can easily rival their dairy counterparts. 

Do some research into local vegan bakeries to find the best vegan brownies. This may require a taste test – just to be sure you’ve found the best option! Choosing vegan bakeries is a great way to promote sustainable living and support local businesses. 

Funky Baking Apron

If you’re gifting to someone who is always in the kitchen baking up a storm, then you could consider a bespoke gift like an apron. You could choose a baking pun for those friends with a silly sense of humour, cupcake patterns or a practical apron with pockets for utensils and other baking supplies. 

Sumptuous Sweetie Hampers

Forgo the overdone box of chocolates in favour of a unique and unusual sweet hamper. This is ideal for anyone who loves going to the local sweetshop or visiting the pick’n’mix at local shops. Their inner child will adore this gift! 

You can find plenty of amazing sweet hampers here. The Sweet Hamper Company are the perfect choice for any sweet fan with gorgeous, well-presented hampers to delight your giftee. 

Delicious Baking Subscriptions

Baking subscriptions are the perfect gift for anyone who wishes they had more time and opportunities to bake their own tasty sweet treats. You can sign up for boxes to be delivered to your giftee’s door with pre-measured ingredients and clear instructions to follow. 

This is an excellent gift for experienced bakers and beginners alike. You could choose from biscuits, cakes or confectionery, or switch the baking options up each month. 

Tasty Personalised Chocolates

Put a unique spin on the classic gift of chocolates by getting them personalised. There are services online and in chocolatier shops that allow you to print pictures onto the chocolate. You could get a bar or a box of individual chocolates. You can also get their name written in chocolate to complete this truly personalised gift. Consider printing pictures of family holidays or group shots with friends. 

Mouth-Watering Cookbooks

Give the gift of inspiration with a cookbook chock full of delicious recipes. You could consider buying a recipe book on cakes and baked treats, sweets or something more specialised like a vegan or diet-specific cookbook. 

Luxurious Ice Cream Maker

If your giftee loves ice cream, there’s no better gift than their own ice cream maker. You can get ice cream makers to suit all budgets, from small, cost-effective appliances to luxury gelato makers. You could complete this gift by buying the giftee all the ingredients and accessories they need to make the ultimate at-home ice cream.

Heavenly Sweet Cheese

Mix sweet and savoury with some artisanal sweet and dessert cheeses. You could consider buying a selection of tasty cheeses as a part of a gift package. Savoury cheeses can be made into the ideal dessert with the addition of some fruity chutneys and jams in flavours like cranberry or apricot. 

You can also get cheeses with fruit baked in, making the perfect decadent snack or dessert. Choose local artisanal cheesemakers to find cheeses that will make a unique and delicious gift while supporting local businesses. 

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