Carnaby Street Party: The Rolling Stones store and MTV DJ Jack Saunders launch new merchandising

Mums, are you in touch with your teen self? What better way to release your inner child than at Nr 9 Carnaby Street Party at The Rolling Stones store with MTV DJ Jack Saunders celebrating the Stones and MTV’s influence on shaping popular culture. During the event, the new exclusive merchandising collaboration collection was on display.

The apparel range features both MTV and the Rolling Stones iconic logos, together with well known slogans such as “I Want My MTV!”, “Who the fuck is Mick Jagger” and lyrics such as “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll But I Like It” across a collection of hoodies, T-shirts, and tote bags.

rolling stones party carnaby street collage

Therapists bang on about our inner child as being needy, selfish, insecure, powerless, manipulative. She is a source of shame, mentioned usually in relation to some undignified behaviour. My cousin in Adelaide recently sent a photo of me at 16-17 during my angry hippy-grunge phase. I thought I had destroyed all evidence. But boxed up and neglected,  we also risk cutting ourselves off from our core strengths, loves, needs. NOT today my friends.

Today I say, release her, dust her off, haul out the photo archive to refresh your memory.  Everything you have stopped doing, and miss, invest some time in re-experiencing; was it political rallies, crochet, fashion, food, those multiple orgasms… ? MUSIC, get Spotify, get the playlist up and running and wallow in the nostalgia.

The party networking

I have been reconnecting and loving it. Monica kindly invited me to a merchandising launch at the Rolling Stones store in Carnaby Street celebrating their collaboration with MTV. I was totally anxting before. What the hell was I going to say to these people…?

Needn’t have worried. While being treated to a DJ, copious drink and a free tee, I got chatting to some young things ‘Love your green hair!’ Turns out they’re The Tyne Band from Newcastle, alt pop, ‘dropped out of college’, and they’re next playing at Slam Dunk, ‘we try not to sing about love’. Aw. I’m a groupie now, following on Insta, and. Yeh! Gotta go dye me hair.

Task 2

List up everything that you lusted after as a teen and never got to do or have. Because the parents said no, or there was no money for that. Take action. Life’s too bloody short. I bought these metallic trousers at Rellik a great vintage shop in Ladbroke Grove (They look scarily like the ones Victoria del Giudice is wearing in that cheesy photo of her in the clutches of Randy Andy). Could be them, you know.

And I’m going to see Def Leppard in concert in Sheffield. I got a disapproving look every time I mentioned what I loved, so I eventually stopped telling anyone, and then stopped listening all together. The Leppard, my guilty secret no more.


These sensory triggers are all good, but they are means to an end; to channel her vitality. Look at life through her eyes, with her confidence, her humour, her values. Look at your life. And ask, is this what I really am, is this what I really want. Are there past decisions that need to be unmade…

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