YOUTH NOVEL: “Out of Time” by Mark Golding

New youth novel release “Out of Time”, written by Mark Golding and published by Bumblebee Books (an imprint of Olympia Publishers), starts with a bang (literally) and never lets up.

It is an exceedingly exciting book for ages 8-12, providing a time-travelling tale for both boys and girls alike. It captures and holds the reader’s imagination from the very first page and quickly becomes a book they just can’t put down.

Book promo mark Golding out of time

Those who have already read it have provided Mark with rave reviews about the book: “Fast-paced, a real page-turner,” “Immediately hooked from the first page,” “Relatable story.”

The star of the book is Joe Jackson, a twelve-year-old boy who is constantly looking for his next adventure. We meet Joe at a time when his inquisitive nature leads him to an old and abandoned WWII bomb site… perfect for exploring… except this is no ordinary bomb site!

What follows is an adventure through time and space where he meets Max, a young alien whose spaceship has crash-landed on Earth.

Joe, Max, and their friends, Mo and the Robinson family, will embark on an adventure through time and space where they will encounter dinosaurs, Roman legionaries, and mediaeval knights as they try to stop the evil and ambitious Dardan from taking over planet Earth.

Teacher by day, author by night

London-born Mark is a law graduate who moved into teaching over 10 years ago. Now a secondary school teacher in Liverpool, he first caught the writing bug during the first national lockdown. One day during the lockdown and following the recent death of his father, Mark sat down in front of his computer and just had this urge to create a story.

Book promo mark Golding out of time

Book promo mark Golding out of time


He started to write and carried on writing… he couldn’t stop! Initially based around the adventures of his cat, Milo, he soon incorporated his nephew and the adventures he’d get up to. Two years later, having used his personal love of adventure, travel, history, and his vivid imagination, he had created his first children’s book – “Out of Time.”

Although only released in June 2023, it has already sold out twice and has also won a prestigious award – The Golden Wizard Book Prize, with the CEO Louise Jane quoted as saying, “The author is a big talent and has delivered a tale jam-packed with adventure that children will devour. The storyline is brilliantly whimsical and unique, making imaginations run wild as they follow all the unpredictably fun plot twists.”

Mark’s children’s book has captured all the fun of being an adventurous child while integrating an educational element into the story, a very fun way for a young reader to learn without even realising.

Mark lives in Greater Manchester with his wife Sarah and their cat Milo.

Out of Time by Mark Golding is available online at Waterstones, WHSmith, Amazon, and available to order at all good bookshops.


Book promo mark Golding out of time

Book promo mark Golding out of time

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