Donate books to Africa on World Book Day

17 years ago UNESCO designated World Book Day as a worldwide celebration of books and reading. Non-profit-making charity Promoting Global Learning has unveiled a new online film which aims to raise awareness of the huge need for books in schools in parts of Africa where more than 90% of children who attend school have never owned a book – and are encouraging the public to offer their unwanted books to equip needy schools in Africa. Donate books to Africa if you can spare some. Every little helps.

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In the online film British children talk about their favourite book and how it feels knowing that many children in African schools have no books.

When asked what can be done, their answer is simple: collect books and send them to Africa – which is exactly what Promoting Global Learning is doing!

Promoting Global Learning together with your help can make a difference. To get involved, all you need to do is contact the charity and they will collect the books from you and deliver them to the most need parts of Africa – it’s that simple.

To offer your books simply contact Sue Gerrish at Promoting Global Learning on by emailing [email protected] or calling 0800 195 7522.

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