Top Art & Craft books

Here are top art & craft books selected by London Mums. There are so many books out there teaching arty activities but these two are our favourite ones for different reasons. Check them out.

Donna Wilson’s Creative Creatures
A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Own Creations
Donna Wilson

made-by-me-donna wilson creative creatures

We love this beautiful and inspiring craft book in which the creatures show you how to get creative. It is different from the all the other ones as some animals made from recycled materials come alive and start showing how to male more art & craft projects. This spin turns this book into a tale. So it has a double function, as a reference book and as a fairytale. The projects are all easy-to-make – all with the help of a winning cast of knitted friends.
Donna Wilson’s lovable, highly-sought-after knitted characters have made their very own craft creations, and in this book they show children how to copy them.

Information about the characters adds an irresistible extra dimension: little stories throughout the book explain why each character made each object as a present or surprise for one of their friends. Children will really want to make these things, and with the simple step-by-steps they really can. The book will appeal long after the projects are completed. Published on 14/02/2013 by PanMacmillan.

Making Stuff for Kids

This book is certainly one of my favourite art & craft books I have ever come across.

The best thing about this art & craft manual is that it’s easy to follow instructions on how to make the most complicated things such as patchwork bibs, backpacks, pouches, button necklace, owl cushions and rug dolls. It is also very good to inspire and do your own art & craft. In fact we went on and made junk dolls.

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