This week’s Bedtime Story – My funny family gets funnier

My Funny Family Gets Funnier is the seventh book in the heart-warming and hilarious My Funny Family series authored by Chris Higgins. It’s a series to be enjoyed by school children from 6 to 10. The Butterfield family is quite big and quirky. Every family member has one peculiar personality trait.

Nine-year-old Mattie (abbreviation for Matisse) is an excited narrator. She tells the story of her family as it happens.

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Uncle Vez’s (Vesuvius) brother, Uncle Bruce, and his wife Sheila have suddenly come to visit! With their Australian guests, life in the Butterfield household is even more chaotic than usual. Mattie just has one worry on her Worry List … Has Grandma met her match in Aunty Sheila?

The Australian guests are funny and kind. During their stay, they involve everybody in a discovery journey through their tales about Down Under and create a big appetite for a trip to Australia.

Before they head to the airport, they leave an envelope with enough money for the Butterfield to visit them Down Under.

I suppose the 8th book will be about the big family trip.

Kids will enjoy the quirkiness of the family travelling in a very different country and all their adventures.

Quirky seems to be the word in 2016 children’s books publishing.

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The author Chris Higgins has certainly experience in large family matters. She has four daughters of her own and is rapidly acquiring a whole bunch of grandchildren even though she feels far too young to be a granny. She lives in the far west of Cornwall with her husband. Before writing her first novel, “32C, That’s Me”, Chris taught English and Drama for many years in secondary schools. She also worked at the Minack, the open-air theatre on the cliffs near Lands End, but now writes full-time. Chris has won a number of awards including Young Minds, the Lancashire Book Award, the Lincolnshire Young People’s Book Award, the KYBA, and she has been shortlisted twice for Queen of Teen.

My Funny Family Gets Funnier is published by Hodder Children’s Books (Winter 2015/2016).

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