Ten ways to build a brilliant brain 

London Mums’ book of the week has to be Ten ways to build a brilliant brain by Nicola Morgan illustrated by Risa Rodil aimed at teenagers but perfect even for adults. From sleep to creativity, resiliance to making friends, in this easy to ready manual teens find out teh amazing science that can unlock our brain power. It can help parents and young people to reach their full potential and perform well in different situations. 

book cover of Ten ways to build a brilliant brain
There are incredible facts and brain-boosting activities from award-winning well-being expert Nicola Morgan, who inspired me to take some time to boost my brain performance. 
The way this guide is structured makes it fun and practical for young people to read in just a few sessions. Generally it is useful for people of any age who want to invest time in making the best of their brain. 
The chapters cover a range of topics from
The quiz at the beginning of the book helps you figure out if you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. 
From the benefits of the right food, sleep and exercise, to how to be creative, curious and resilient, discover the incredible science and top advice to make your brain the best it can be. Packed with fascinating facts and brain boosting activities, this illustrated guide gives you the power to build your brilliant brain!
A useful book to read that will make a fabulous Christmas present to any child, tween (kids aged 10-years-old and above) who is into self-esteem building. 

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