Picture Book of the week: Paddington book by Michael Bond

Scholastic publishers have re-released the original Paddington book written by Michael Bond and  illustrated by R.W. Alley, which is probably one of my all time favourite children’s stories. It’s  an old-time classic that will be read over and over again by children and parents alike. The message of kindness is undoubtedly the strongest. Paddington leads by example and his sweetness makes our hearts melt. 

Paddington is essentially the sweet-as-marmalade  story (now a classic) of a little bear we all want to take home. Imagine: you’re waiting on a railway station platform and you suddenly spot a small, lonely bear cub. He’s clutching a suitcase, and around his neck is a label that reads ‘Please look after this bear. Thank you’. That’s exactly what happens to Mr and Mrs Brown when they find a small bear at Paddington Station: a bear who is looking for a safe place to go. The question is: will they take this furry friend home with them? Really – why not? Wouldn’t you?

This new edition is a heartwarming picture book version of a classic story and is perfect for the youngest fans of the best-loved films. It is beautifully illustrated by R.W. Alley with cuddly original artwork. 

This book is the tale of how the Brown family first met Paddington on which the first Paddington film is based with the exception of Mr Brown’s character who is much kinder in this book. 
Our personal Paddington book collection is growing.
What’s your favourite Paddington book?

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