Picture book of the week: Mika & Lolo by Virginia Mendez

Writer and entrepreneur, Virginia Mendez, has written a lovely multilingual picture book series Mika & Lolo covering diversity on her unexpected journey to embracing feminism. Each book comes in two languages. I have chosen English and Italian. The series is available from The Feminist Shop.

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The story 

Mika & Lolo are cousins who notice that they are sometimes treated differently just because one of them is a girl, and one of them is a boy. They decide to take note of these little everyday differences and discuss them with their dad – opening not only their eyes, but those of their parents and grandparents too.


Children’s books play an integral role in building key values and principles in children who can’t quite grasp the complexities of the world around us yet.

The book Mika & Lolo invites children and parents alike to question gender stereotypes that we find in everyday life and how they affect kids and their development.

Virginia Méndez, co-founder of The Feminist Shop, wrote the book for her own children to open the dialogue around aspects of equality that should be addressed at an early stage. With her books, she encourage them just to be themselves, no matter whether they are a girl or a boy.

She hopes the Mika & Lolo book series can be used to start important family conversations.

Illustrated by Paula Vigil, Mika & Lolo, initially for English / Spanish readers, has sold over 1000 copies since its release in 2018.

Due to the significant educational value of the bilingual feature of the first edition, this new second edition opens up the story to 3 more language combinations.

Available in English with Spanish, Italian, French or German, the book is designed for parents looking for new ways to educate and inspire their kids.

Alongside the book, there’s also a beautiful collection of empowering merchandising inspiring fun conversations between adults and kids.

Virginia’s second book of the Mika & Lolo collection, about consent and with more diversity in the characters, is due now. RRP £10.00

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