Picture Book of the month: The Tower Bridge Cat & The Baby Whale

I’m in love with anything that features my adoptive city, London. I have often covered my favourite books about London and I am now excited about the launch of a new children’s book set at Tower Bridge: The Tower Bridge Cat & The Baby Whale. This ‘tail’ is perfect for primary school children, or pre-school children as a bedtime story – with wonderful illustrations that follow Bella on her adventures at the iconic landmark. It follows the award-winning prequel, The Tower Bridge Cat. I cannot wait to go back to  Tower Bridge very soon! The London view from there is absolutely incredible. 

It’s a “tail” of heroism and adventure by author Tee Dobinson over 38 pages, brought to life with wonderful illustrations from Steve Cox.

The fictional feline friend residing in London favourite’s landmark, Bella the Bridge Master’s Cat, returns as the star in a new adventure storybook set at Tower Bridge. The Tower Bridge Cat & The Baby Whale sees Bella the Bridge Master’s Cat return to save a baby whale stuck under London’s defining landmark, with the help of her pilot friend, Maya the Flyer.  All seems to be well at Tower Bridge as everyone prepares for an exciting day with an aerial stunt show from Maya the Flyer. Suddenly Bella notices an unexpected visitor, a lost baby whale!

Will the bridge be able to lift for an incoming ship? How will Bella and the team save the baby whale and get him back to his mother? How will they be able to ensure the air show can go ahead as the crowds gather?

Bella enlists the help of her friends including the Bridge Master, Stan the Stoker, Hannah the Cook (inspired by Hannah Griggs, a real-life cook at Tower Bridge in the 1910s), before Maya the Flyer helps Bella come up with a brilliantly daring plan to lead the whale to safety.

The Tower Bridge Cat series is ideal for primary school children, or as a bedtime story for younger children.

Fans may be fur-miliar with Bella, following the award-winning prequel The Tower Bridge Cat, which sees the furry Londoner caught in an adventure inspired by the true story of a bus jumping over Tower Bridge in 1952.

Exclusive offer: The series is available to purchase now via the Tower Bridge online shop, https://shop.towerbridge.org.uk/ or for those lucky enough to live locally, pop down to the Tower Bridge Gift Shop. Bought together the two books are discounted. 

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