Our Bedtime Story this week: The Queen & Mr Brown: A Night in the Natural History Museum

Queen Elisabeth is celebrating her 90th Birthday this April and is the subject of various children’s books. We recently reviewed The Queen’s Handbag by Steve Antony and we got an appetite for book about our beloved Queen.

This week we have found another charming children’s book celebrating Her Majesty: The Queen & Mr Brown: A Night in the Natural History Museum is brand new title to the Natural History Museum shop. We loved it so much that we have selected it to be featured in our print London Mums magazine Spring issue.

queen and mr brown book final cover

The Queen and her lovable pet corgi Mr Brown go on a whirlwind animal adventure as they visit the Natural History Museum after hours. Does it sound familiar? Well, even if does reminding us of a great movie franchise, this book is quite unique and has an educational value.

Beautifully illustrated with large colourful drawings and easy to read text, this tale of two close friends and their eventful night in the Museum is sure to become a new bedtime favourite.

Easter kids books magazine LONDON_MUMS_2016_Issue_17_R4-LR-23

It has certainly become one of the favourite books in our household this Spring. Let’s hope we get invited to Her Majesty’ street party this coming June.

The Queen & Mr Brown: A Night in the Natural History Museum retails at £12 from the museum’s shop www.nhmshop.co.uk  www.nhmshop.co.uk/the-queen-and-mr-brown-a-night-in-the-natural-history-museum.html

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