Our Bedtime Story this week: CHIMPANZEES FOR TEA! by Jo Empson

Who hasn’t forgotten the shopping list mum at least once in a lifetime? CHIMPANZEES FOR TEA! is a hilarious new picture book from author and illustrator talent Jo Empson, featuring truly stunning expressive artwork and a hilarious rhyming tale on the theme of forgetfulness and being distracted by the surrounding world.


9 year old Diego and I love CHIMPANZEES FOR TEA! published by Puffin because it celebrates individuality and creativity in every little things in life including mums’ shopping list. It seems easy to remember ‘A Bunch of Carrots, a Box of Rice, Some China Tea, A Big Firm Pear, A Tin of Peas…And hurry home in time for tea!’ but along the way all these details get lost and replaced by more interesting subjects.

When Vincent’s mother gives Vincent a shopping list and asks him to do her a special favour, Vincent is enthusiastic and excited, determined to get it right… but after being interrupted on the way, he ends up bringing a whole horde of unexpected guests back home! Vincent’s mother just wanted to make tea… But is that…. a CHIMPANZEE?!

CHIMPANZEES FOR TEA! is a clever, exuberant story that makes children giggling and joining in, read after read.

book chimps tea spread 2

The illustrations are unique and original and have a certain vintage look and feel which mums will enjoy while reading it with the kids.

The author, Jo Empson, graduated from Cambridge School of Art with a Masters in Children’s book illustration. She loves being swept away in storytelling, whether writing, illustrating or just reading a favourite picture book (which she still does, every night!). Jo’s first author/illustrator picture book Rabbityness was nominated for 8 awards and shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2013.

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