New art book for children to explore Miro’

It is well known that arts or cultural experiences in early childhood can help children develop abilities in the arts which will be useful right through life as well as significantly strengthen parent-child bonds and engage families in their children’s learning, providing a positive focus for shared experience and communication. Going to the museum is not always easy or possible with young children, so art books for children are a great alternative. This Spring a beautifully looking art book will appear on book shelves to learn about one of my favourite contemporary artist: Miro’. Miro animals book big painting

Miro’s Magic animals by Antony Penrose

Miro’s Magic animals is a picture book published by Thames & Hudson is about the magic art of the great Spanish artist Miro’ told by the son of surrealist and photographer Lee Miller who knew him in person and remembered his creative work from a childish perspective. Tony recalls it as dream-like, strange and magical which is actually how we perceive it even now as adults.  Miro animals book cover

Tony describes the peculiar way animals were painted by Miro’ who knew them well as he grew up in a farm similar to the one where Antony was brought up.Miro animals book inside page

The great thing about this picture book is that Tony also describes Miro’ the man not just the artist. His memories are vivid and accompanied by his mother’s great photos of the Spanish painter.

I like how he describes him as ‘the warm, quiet and friendly man who loved strange animals and made wonderful works’s for us all to enjoy.’

Children can learn that animals can be drawn in unusual ways not necessarily in a realistic way like in photographs.  Thinking out of the box is a great skill and surrealistic artwork teaches exactly that. Children absorb information very quickly without much explaining.

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