New Children’s Book review: Never Too Small – Warm & Reassuring story to help Young Readers overcome their Fears & Embrace Diversity

Back to school and also back to learning social skills. Children need to focus on their peers and interact with them with respect no matter what their ethnic background is.  Never Too Small is a Warm & Reassuring New Children’s Book lovingly written by Zanib Mian and illustrated by Laura Ewing Ferrer that helps young readers overcome their fears & embrace diversity. The perfect book to start a new school year positively.

book kids never too small about diversity and overcoming fears

Never Too Small reaches out to the insecurities of young children and makes it clear that those around them will keep them safe. While imparting an empowering story of overcoming fears, Mian’s narrative also helps children both recognise and embrace the world’s expanding ethnic diversities.

No child grows up without a fear, although most are suppressed or cured thanks to the love of family, friends and the wider world. An enchanting new children’s book by Zanib Mian illustrates this with gusto to young readers, while also empowering them to see beauty in ethnicities and cultures different to their own.

Never Too Small is unique in its blend of two bold topics that, while explored through an enchanting story, also address very serious insecurities in children everywhere.


Everybody is afraid of something, whether it is spiders, heights, or the dark. A young boy is too afraid to try things because of his size, but a good friend helps him feel better. In the same way a diverse group of characters get over their fears with a letter from a loved one. An endearing rhyming tale about common fears and caring for each other.

“I’m not only using this book to calm children’s fears, but also to address the need for more diverse characters in their books,” explains Mian. “As adults we have a big responsibility to prepare children for the future by producing books that support positive character traits. There are simply too many ‘Good vs. Evil’ stories out there and I’m delighted to be balancing them with my narrative.”

‘Never Too Small’, published by Sweet Apple Publishers, is available from Amazon and online at Waterstones as well as from all good bookshops.

The Author

Zanib Mian resides in London, the city in which she was born and raised. She is the founder of Sweet Apple Publishers and a single mother to two boys. She graduated from University College London with a degree in Molecular Cell Biology, after which she taught Science in secondary schools. She has had a passion for writing since she was a young girl and is now focusing on writing children’s books and publishing books by other authors. Other than Science and writing, Zanib loves horse riding, driving, and creating irresistible goodies in the kitchen!

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