Book review: Mouseton Abbey

Move on out, Crawley Family, there’s a new Lord & Lady in the Village! If you are a fan of Julian Fellowes’ Downton Abbey, you will adore Mouseton Abbey, the hottest children’s book of the season published by Make Believe Ideas.

Meet the Mouseton family and their staff, who inhabit the many rooms of Mouseton Abbey.

book Mouseton Abbey

Every Cheesemas, the Mouseton family has a banquet, where each mouse gets a chance to hold the
Great Big Cheesy Diamond and make a wish. Everyone is preparing for this year’s party, when
Lord Mouseton, a very forgetful mouse, loses the precious diamond! Drama unfolds as the mice join
forces to find the diamond before Cheesemas dinner is served. Will Cheesemas be ruined?
Or will they find the Cheesy Diamond in time? Explore Mouseton Abbey to find out . . .

This traditional tale will appeal to those who like the finer things
in life and makes the perfect present for fans of Downton Abbey.

With beautiful, hand-knitted characters, ornate, illustrated
backgrounds and Nick Page’s witty text, Mouseton Abbey
will delight young readers and adults alike.

It’s time for the whole family to discover why there is
no such thing as an ordinary day at Mouseton Abbey.

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Mouseton Abbey was the brainchild of Make Believe Ideas’ M.D., Jo Bicknell, who was inspired by the cities
of Paris and New York. On a business trip to the Maison & Object fair, in Paris, Jo came across a display of soft
toys sitting down to dinner. On her next visit to New York, where Downton Abbey was the talk of the town,
the idea clicked and Mouseton Abbey was born. Back in the offices of Make Believe Ideas, in Berkhamsted,
England, Jo got to work, calling on a local ‘knitting army’ to bring the characters to life. The Mouseton Abbey
characters have all been individually handmade by local mums and grandmothers and the stunning scenes in
the book were created using a mixture of photography and illustrations by Tim Hutchinson.

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