Mother’s Day books

Here is a selection of our favourite Mother’s Day books: some you can read with the kids and some to yourself.

My favourite Mother’s Day books for kids are published this year by Little Tiger Press. They are so beautifully illustrated it is a pleasure to flip through the pages with the children in total admiration. I cannot see the Kindle taking over the art of making paper books as yet.

book i want my mummy mother day
I Want My Mummy! by Tracey Corderoy, illustrated by Alison Edgson.

So typically babies and toddlers miss their mummy the moment she is not in sight and this is what happens to Arthur’s on his first day apart from his mummy. Even his fantastic dragon costume and favourite toy dragon cannot cheer him up. “Raaagh!” he roars grumpily. But luckily Granny knows just what to do… This is the perfect book to read with a toddler worried about being apart from their parents. Ideal if your toddler is starting preschool or if you are going away for the weekend and grandparents are being left in charge. This sweet book will make your child appreciate that you will come back and will ease his/her anxiety about being separated from you.

book Mummy's Little Sunflowers

book image Mummy's Little Sunflowers

Mummy’s Little Sunflowers by Angela McAllister, illustrated by Alison Edgson

This beautifully illustrated book is a touching, gently humorous story exploring the unique relationship between siblings. The perfect read for young children with brothers or sisters.

Scurry loves sunflowers. He’s got one special seed that he’s going to grow just for his mummy. But his little brother, Scamp, loves sunflowers seeds, and when he eats his brother’s special seed, he’s in real trouble. Two small mice. One sunflower seed. And a very big adventure.

book Me and my mummy carrycase

Me & My Mummy

This is much more than a book. It is a carry case with four mini-paperbacks (Including Big Bear, Little Bear, My Mummy and Me, Little Bear’s Special Wish, and The Most Precious Thing), a card and stickers.

Kids can use the fun stickers to decorate a special card for Mum! Then snuggle up for storytime with these four fantastic books.


Mums should be allowed some well deserved Me-Time. I have recently researched some Hollywood fashion books to enjoy in my free time. I was after a light well written book about 50s and 60s fashion in Hollywood and came across these two titles which I strongly recommend. They are not new but can be easily found on Amazon or Ebay (quite cheaply by the way). They are some of the best books I have ever read about fashion.

book Audrey Style by Pamela Clark Keogh
Audrey Style (Hardback)
By (author) Pamela Clark Keogh (published in 1999)

Everyone not surprisingly seems to be a fan of Audrey Hepburn as a woman, actress, mother and fashion icon. She was Gigi, a princess, Holly Golightly, a nun, Maid Marian, even an angel. And we believed her in every role. But Audrey Hepburn was also one of the most admired and emulated women of the 20th century, who encouraged women to discover and highlight their own strength. The photos included in this book are simply stunning fashion shoots of Audrey over six decades in A4 format.

Audrey not only changed the way women dress – she altered the way they viewed themselves forever. But Audrey Hepburn’s beauty was more than skin deep. “You know the Audrey you saw onscreen? Audrey was like that in real life, only a million times better,” says designer Jeffrey Banks. For the first time, this style biography reveals the details – fashion and otherwise – that contributed so greatly to Audrey’s appeal. Drawing on original interviews with Hubert de Givenchy, Gregory Peck, Nancy Reagan, Doris Brynner, and Audrey Wilder (Billy Wilder’s wife), as well as reminiscences of professional friends like Steven Spielberg, Ralph Lauren, noted Hollywood photographer Bob Willoughby, Steven Meisel, and Kevyn Aucoin, Audrey Style brings the Audrey her family and friends loved to life.With more than ninety color and black-and-white photographs, many of which have never before been published, and original designer sketches from Edith Head, Hubert de Givenchy, Vera Wang, Manolo Blahnik, Alexander McQueen, and others, Audrey Style gives measure to the grace, humor, intelligence, generosity, and inimitable fashion sense that was Audrey Hepburn.

What Would Audrey Do?: Timeless Lessons for Living with Grace and Style (Hardback)
By (author) Pamela Clarke Keogh (published in 2008)
book what would audrey do

This is another amazing book by Pamela Clark Keogh that brings a charming dose of Audrey Hepburn into our everyday lives, with wisdom on relationships, fashion, home, travel and other opportunities for sophisticated living. There are no photos but only illustrations. The content is not that new if you have already read Audrey Style but it provides tips on how we can be as stylish as her in our normal mummy’s lives.

Audrey Hepburn epitomises generosity, glamour and beauty. Her appeal is timeless and she remains an inspiration to this day. So who better to turn to when wondering the right thing to do in our complex modern world? In an era fraught with selfishness, artifice and vulgarity, asking ourselves ‘what would Audrey do?’ can teach us how to remain demure, sophisticated, loving and gorgeous every day. Drawing on examples from her extraordinary life, this hugely enjoyable book offers advice on everything from dating, marriage and seduction, through style, home and family to hospitality and tranquillity – in fact, everything one could need for surviving the modern world. Beautifully designed with colour illustrations throughout, this is lively and highly original gift for any Audrey and fashion aficionado.

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