LGBTQ+ Books you should read on your next holiday

Due to the abundance of best-selling fiction and non-fiction books on the market, finding a fantastic book might be difficult. The best LGBTQ+ books to read on your next vacation are listed below.

1. The One Woman by Laura May

book cover for The One Woman by Laura May as part of LGBTQ+ Books to read On holiday

The One Woman is the newest sapphic love story by writer Laura May. Julie works as a graphic designer, using a variety of lenses, but her life and her relationship with her partner Mark are ordinary. till Ann appears. Ann is beautiful, friendly, and successful. Julie finds it hard to dispute the chemistry they experienced when they just so happened to cross paths.

The spark will be rekindled when their pasts cross in Barcelona. When tragedy strikes, Julie is forced to choose between her love for Ann and her commitment to Mark. Can true love persist under challenging circumstances? Read in the book by Laura May.

2. Fire Becomes Her by Rosiee Thor

book cover for fire becomes her by rosiee thor as part of LGBTQ+ Books to read On holiday

Power is flare.

Ingrid Ellis, who is seventeen, wants her fair part of the power to burn down buildings or light up the night sky with fireworks with only a drop of flare.

Ingrid doesn’t come from a wealthy or powerful family, but at least she has a strategy: climb the political ladder by relying on Linden Holt, who is the heir to a sizable political legacy and the owner of the biggest flare fortune in all of Candesce. The only thing standing in her way is Linden’s father, who ignores her.

So when Senator Holt declares his candidacy for president, Ingrid takes advantage of the circumstance. In order to get his approval and the prestige she so desperately wants, she forms a pact to spy on the senator’s rival. But the more time Ingrid spends donning two masks, the more she begins to wonder who her genuine allies are.

Will she support the Holts or take a position on her own?

3. This Rebel Heart by Katherine Locke

book cover for This rebel heart by katherine locke as part of LGBTQ+ Books to read On holiday

Located in the center of Budapest is a river. The water is magical, as Csilla is aware. The river protected her family during WWII when they most needed it—safe from the Holocaust. However, that was before the Communists took control. Before the Soviet police killed her parents. Csilla wishes she could forget the things she learned about her father’s history before. Csilla is currently preparing her escape from this nation that has never loved her as much as she loves it while keeping her head down. But when her parents are abruptly and publically cleared, all of her carefully thought out plans fall apart.

Csilla must choose whether she believes in the potential and magic of her very flawed country enough to sacrifice her life in order to help rescue it or if she should let it burn to the ground as talk of a greater revolution in Hungary grows as a result of the uprisings in other countries. This Rebel Heart is Katherine Locke’s masterpiece, featuring gay representation, fabulist elements, and a crucial but obscure historical period.

4. Kiss Her Once for Me by Alison Cochrun

book cover for kiss her once for me by alison cockrum as part of LGBTQ+ Books to read On holiday

Ellie Oliver, a recent transplant to Portland, had her ideal job in animation and met a woman on Christmas Eve in a bookshop. Over the course of one night, they fell in love. But the following day, she was betrayed, and soon after, she lost her job. As a result, she is now stranded, alone, and in need of money.

Finding work at a nearby coffee shop, she is barely scraping by until Andrew, the landlord of the business, makes a surprising, inebriated proposal: a marriage of convenience that will give him his recent inheritance and ease Ellie’s financial difficulties and loneliness. To continue the ruse, they decide to spend the holidays together at his family’s cabin.

Ellie is stunned to learn that Jack is the mysterious woman she fell in love with over the course of one romantic Christmas Eve the year before when Andrew introduces his new fiancée to his sister. Ellie now has to decide between the security of a fictitious relationship and the danger of something genuine.

5. Ophelia After All by Racquel Marie

book cover for ophelia after all by raquel marie as part of LGBTQ+ Books to read On holiday

Ophelia Rojas is aware of her preferences, which include her closest friends, Cuban cuisine, rose gardening, and way too many boys. Ophelia has a never-ending string of crushes, which her friends and parents tease about, but Ophelia is a romantic at heart. Even if she wanted to, she could not alter it.

Therefore, seeds of doubt start to grow in Ophelia’s rigid self-image as she starts to think more about cute, quiet Talia Sanchez than the loss of a beautiful prom with her ex-boyfriend. Things are starting to get a touch out of hand when you include in the imminent end of high school and the disintegration of her formerly close-knit group of friends. But the sexual and romantic paths were never straight.

Ophelia must decide whether to hold on to the idealized picture of herself that she has always imagined or defy everyone’s expectations in order to realize who she truly is as her secrets start to come out.

6. The Feeling of Falling in Love by Mason Deaver

book cover for The feeling of falling in love by mason deaver as part of LGBTQ+ Books to read On holiday

Just a few days before spring break, Neil Kearney is prepared to travel across the nation with Josh, a friend from childhood and current friend-with-benefits, to attend his brother’s wedding. However, Josh confesses his feelings for Neil, and Neil doesn’t reciprocate the feeling.

Neil must find another date to bring because Josh will still be at the wedding. Meanwhile, Wyatt, a roommate, is drafted virtually against his will.

Wyatt initially perceives Neil as being rude, which is a fair assumption. Wyatt, though, gets a better understanding of where it’s coming from once they reach LA. Neil and Wyatt gradually start to understand one another, and maybe, just maybe, they start to fall in love for the first time.


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