Book of the week: How to be a Fashion Designer guide by Lesley Ware


For a young fashion designer wannabe new DK book How to be a Fashion Designer by Lesley Ware is perfect as it includes lots of ideas, projects, and styling tips to help creative children understand fashion and trends. Publication date is 1 February 2018. It costs £12.99 and is suitable for children aged 7+. 



I personally found this book quite useful as a fashion follower to understand shapes and colour combinations. It was fun even for me as an adult to flip through the pages and get inspiration. 


This manual shows that fashion is a fun way to express your own personality. Essentially it is a way to say that if you can speak up with fashion, you can speak up in other ways, too. 


By going through the pages children can find out the types of jobs they can do in the fashion industry. While designers create clothes, stylists know how to put them together. They choose clothes for photoshoots and dress people for dazzling events. 


I love the fact that this book teaches that even in fashion, we should care for the environment. It helps you think about how to shop and to give old clothes new life. 


The creative process is shown from the initial brainstorming of ideas made easy with a moodboard, for example. 

After reading this book full of illustrations, photos and magazine clippings, a child will be able to design his/her own fashion line, from street style to party dresses maybe for the dolls. It is useful also to learn the secrets of styling, choosing accessories, and finding a personal style. The book is quite good also to teach how to customise clothes to take them from basic to brilliant using  recycled materials. 

How to be a Fashion Designer is full of ideas, projects and design tasks for fashion-lovers.

Teaching children about materials, textures and palettes, this book will inspire readers to experiment with their own fashion. With top tips from fashion educator, Lesley Ware, How to be a Fashion Designer will give children the confidence to experiment with outfits and create new designs.


From building a mood board to defining a silhouette; customising denim to making a statement with costume jewellery, this book is packed with helpful tips and ideas. Illustrations mixed with photography show children how to pair colours, upcycle tired clothing and add sparkle with their accessories. With simple, easy-to-follow design tasks and practical projects, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative; there is even space for children to sketch their own designs.


How to be a Fashion Designer will show children how to design fantastic outfits from scratch and teach them how to put together the clothes and accessories they already own in fun, stylish ways.

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