Great new books for children

Here is a selection of great new books for children selected by London Mums.

The Abandoned Puppy from best-selling author Holly Webb


The sweet image of the puppy on the cover really drew me to this book. I started reading this story to my 6 year old son (although he could read it himself as it is easy enough for kids in year 2) as his bedtime story and after 3 chapters it was too late so I promised to read the rest the following night. But instead I went to bed and finished it… Well, I loved it. And now I want to read all of Holly Webb’s books. This story is really about a child’s feelings for a fragile creature who needed her help. Who hasn’t been in the situation of wanting a puppy so desperately?
Well if you have experienced that, you will love this book.

Synopsis: Zoe is thrilled to be helping out at her Auntie Jo’s animal shelter over the Easter holidays. But she doesn’t expect to come across a box on the steps of the shelter containing three tiny abandoned puppies. It’s touch and go for the littlest pup, whom Zoe names Cookie. Over the next few weeks, Zoe takes special care of Cookie and a close bond is formed between the two of them. But how will Zoe cope when it comes for the puppies to be rehomed?
Published 07/01/2013 by Stripes Publishing (an imprint of Little Tiger Press)

THE MONSTER MACHINE by Nicola L.Robinson

When a young boy and his inventor Dad build an amazing monster-making machine, all sorts of
monsters come tumbling out – big ones, small ones, funny ones and even ever-so-slightly scary
ones. The monsters have a wonderful time playing with the little boy and teaching him their
monster tricks and games, until one day they start reading and realise that they don’t belong in
our world-they have their very own home, far away. But how can they get there? Once again it is
time to make an amazing machine, this time a flying one to take them to the land of the

Vibrantly illustrated by Nicola L. Robinson, filled with charming details for children to look out for
on every page, this is a fun and exciting tale perfect for children aged 3-6.
Check out for competitions, your chance to ask Nicola about all the monsters
and even a brilliant colour-your-own-monster to print out!

Nicola has always drawn, usually things with teeth and claws and scales. Dragons and crocodiles
have always been a favourite subject. She holds a degree in Fine Art and has worked as a
freelance illustrator and designer since graduating. Aside from illustrating, she is currently lead
concept artist for a short, dark animated 3D film and lives in Nottingham with her partner Gareth
and her collection of Bonsai Trees. Find out more on her website The Monster Machine is published by Pavilion Children’s, an imprint of Anova Books – RRP £5.99.

Where My Wellies Take Me


This is a collection of favourite poetry chosen by former children’s laureate Michael Morpurgo and his wife Clare. Woven around the poetry selection is the story of Pippa, who loves to stay with her Aunty Peggy in the Devon countryside. The book features illustrations from Olivia Lomenech Gill.

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