Great bedtime stories

Here is London Mums’ selection of favourite bedtime stories.

I Don’t Want to go to Bed!tiger in a jungle illustration for a bedtime story book for mums and baby magazine

To celebrate 25 years of Little Tiger Press, a special edition of the classic title, I Don’t Want to go to Bed!, is being reissued in a new paperback format for 2012. I Don’t Want To Go To Bed! written by Julie Sykes and beautifully illustrated by award-winning illustrator Tim Warnes is a very easy and sweet bedtime story. Little Tiger did not like going to bed. When Mummy Tiger finally roared, “All right, you can stay up all night then!” he couldn’t believe his luck! Off he scampered into the jungle before she could change her mind. . .
This enchanting tale is perfect for any child who doesn’t want to go to bed. The original edition sold over 250,000 copies worldwide in 20 languages and inspired both the Little Tiger Press imprint and logo.
Published August 2012 RRP £5.99

The princess and the pig

Recently published by PanMacmillan is one of the best stories I have read in years. Forget about fairytales and princess’ dream worlds… this story brings us back to reality and shows how much nicer it is to live a simple life surrounded by loving parents no matter what their wealth is. Absolutely brilliant!

The light-hearted story is also beautifully illustrated. And finally a princess’ story that boys will love too!
Can a pig become a princess? Read the plot here.











Again! is a picture book by award-winning author and illustrator Emily Gravett.

Again! is an adorable tale about Cedric the dragon who loves his bedtime story – so much that he wants to hear it again… and again… and again! However, it is mum’s bedtime too and she falls asleep much to his annoyance. Growing impatient and very hot and bothered, he pleads with his sleeping mum to read to him again – with some fiery consequences!
This is an irresistible tale with beautiful illustrations, and is the perfect bedtime picture book for all those little dragons who cherish their bedtime story.


This bright and very colourful first storybook is designed to appeal to younger readers and is the perfect introduction to Poppy Cat and her friends and their amazing adventures! With simple layouts and eye-catching artwork, they will enjoy sharing these stories again and again.
Poppy Cat is a popular TV series based on the original books by Lara Jones. It launched in the UK in May 2011. In each episode, Lara, a little girl, invents extraordinary adventures for her beloved Poppy Cat, then the colourful characters spring to life in stories of friendship and fantasy play.

Goodnight Digger

My 6 year old son loves this beautifully illustrated book. It’s very simple and repetitive which makes it an ideal story to get boys to go to sleep.

Synopsis: A little boy says goodnight to all his toys, but who is the favourite? Why, it’s Digger of course! With a rhyming text and atmospheric illustrations, Goodnight Digger will help your little darlings go to bed and stay there.
Author: Michelle Robinson published in August 2012 by Puffin
Recommended age: 5 – 8 years – RRP £6.99

“Goodnight fire truck, Goodnight train. Goodnight bus and even bigger… Best of all, say goodnight digger!”

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