Exclusive interview with Andrew Wallas, author of book Intention – How to tap into the most underrated power in the Universe

With New Year just around the corner, I wanted to share with you my interview with Andrew Wallas, author of one of the most inspiring books I have ever read: Intention – How to tap into the most underrated power in the UniverseAndrew helps us to understand why resolutions and goal setting don’t work, and why we should all be setting our own intentions instead. If there’s a book you should read or gift to a person you care about, it’s Intention. It has helped me understand what I really want from my life at a crossroad and I always keep it closely to remind me of how powerful my will an intentions can be to determine my future. 

Q: Where did you get the inspiration for your book Intention?

Andrew Wallas (AW)It literally dawned on me one day that nothing can exist without intention. Intention truly is the DNA of all reality. The more I thought about this, the more intention seemed to be the key to creating the life I wanted. So I started practising this and it worked….! So, I decided to write a book and share the power and simplicity of this with others.

Q: Who will benefit the most from this book? And why?

AW: Anyone who is genuinely interested in moving beyond old programmes which keep us stuck, giving up old stories which keep us miserable and wants to create a better future. We convince ourselves that we all want this but we need more self-honesty. The only person keeping us stuck where we are is our self. We want to blame others but that very act is a major part of keeping us stuck.

Q: In the chapter ’Seed’ you mention the example of a woman who says she wants a relationship but unconsciously her desire is to stay single to avoid more disappointment. How could this book help someone in this situation to find true happiness from within and potentially fulfil the dream of true love?

AW: The key here is again self-honesty. If we keep telling ourselves stories such as “I just don’t meet the right person”, “all men turn out to be unreliable”, “I always get hurt in relationships” etc then we are guaranteed to stay single. If instead we become more honest and acknowledge “I am terrified of intimacy”, “I panic when I get close and vulnerable to someone”, “I feel out of my depth” etc then there is something I can do about it. I can look at MY anxieties and vulnerabilities and make a commitment to work through them. So long as I blame someone or something outside myself it is a “dead end”.

Q: It is much easier to blame others than take responsibility, but yet this seems to create more unhappiness? Why does this happen?

AW: Do you mean that taking responsibility seems to create more unhappiness? If so, I disagree. If the source of my unhappiness is outside myself, e.g. my spouse, partner, job, home, car, clothes, family etc then I am bound to stay miserable (because I cannot change anyone else).

Q: How can this book help people reach inner calmness?

AW: My favourite saying is “the truth will set you free”. It does not matter what the truth is. If we are more aligned with the truth, we will feel much more inner calmness. This has to start with self-honesty. Denial and pretending to ourselves takes huge amount of energy and creates stress. Accepting and acknowledging traits about ourselves that might have been unthinkable in the past creates a calmness and serenity. For example, I know that I am both generous and mean; both kind and nasty; both brilliant and stupid. There is an inner calmness about this.

Q: You suggest creating space to reach a positive state of mind. How realistic is it to distance ourselves from social media as well as visual and sound bombardment? How is this achievable?

AW: This is a great question. Our lives and particularly the lives of our teenage children, are bombarded and ruined by social media. 95% of restaurants have constant background music (which is often not so background!). We are surrounded by noise, especially if we live in the City. We have to work against the cultural norms which is not easy but is entirely possible. It is about choice. I do very little social media. I do not look at my mobile phone after 7:00 pm. I rarely take a phone to a restaurant. I walk in nature several times a week. I sit and reflect as often as possible. I always have a quiet time before going to bed. It is different for each person. We have to create pockets of space for ourselves. It is similar to creating a diet that is healthy, nutritious and works for us. It needs to be practical and workable.

Q: How can we help the manifestation of our dreams using this book?

AW: You can literally create the life you want by following the simple steps in this book – it is guaranteed. The life I have right now is the way it is because of intention. I love my life. It has not always been like this. I practice the principles of this book in a very imperfect way but it is working for me (and many others with whom I discuss this) on a daily basis.

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