Erin and the Mouse: Tales dedicated to all those who cannot speak

Published on 11th November 2023, Clare Latham’s Erin and the Mouse will delight its young readers, and especially those who are unable to communicate. Transferring the real life story of a young girl called Erin to fiction, this new book shares how a bespoke communication system, and her mouse, becomes the conduit for Erin accessing the world, whilst providing family, friends and others with the chance to speak with Erin and her embrace her joie de vivre.

Erin and the Mouse book cover

With cerebral palsy limiting Erin’s only means of communication to eye movement, these uplifting stories burst with positive messages of never giving up and acceptance of oneself. 

A great read and one that is destined to become a bedtime favourite for all youngsters, congratulations must go to the author for bringing Erin’s story to the fore, and to the real Erin for agreeing to share her story, vitality and sense of fun.

All profits from sales of this book will go to SpecialEffect, the charity that built the communication system for Erin.

Published by GB Publishing, Erin and the Mouse (ISBN No: 9781912031047) is available in paperback priced £7.99.  It is available on Amazon, the publisher’s website and book-stores worldwide.


The story 

Just as the heroine in these stories, in real life Erin is a young girl who cannot walk, talk or use her hands. She has cerebral palsy and her only reliable movement is her eyes.

Each of the scenarios were experienced by Erin and author Clare Latham – from Erin writing with her eyes and finding the print button, to playing the recorder, to hosting her own reading club and to her wonderful peer group who effortlessly watched her eyes and heard her stories. 

Included in these tales are subtle messages for her and many others such as ‘never give up’, ’I am able just as I am’, ‘reading gives one so much’ and ‘accept me as me’.

Clare Latham was asked by SpecialEffect founder Dr Mick Donegan if she could build a communication system with Erin, which she did together with her Mum and personal assistant. Erin’s tenacity, ability and sense of fun then spurred Clare to write these stories from their shared experiences and, as it were, keep her going. 


The author

Clare Latham is a retired speech and language therapist, and lives in the UK. The author says: “With 17 million around the world living with cerebral palsy*, my stories are dedicated to all children who cannot speak. You can communicate, I believe in you and we need to hear YOUR stories. We need to learn from you.

“SpecialEffect is the charity who discovered Erin. It is dedicated to giving disabled people the technology to access video games and the internet, thus promoting fun and inclusion.  Dr Donegan was awarded an MBE for his service to disability.” 

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