eBook of the week: Want to keep the kids busy throughout the Winter? Meet Boken!  

Boken, the Little Dog with the Big Heart is a real life, fun-loving Miniature Schnauzer who lives in Spain with his mum, Sara Mastriforte and dad, Neil Egerton. He’s also one of the newest kids’ cartoon characters around, and has just released his brand new website, two latest books and a great FREE ebook! 

Boken the cartoon character was launched worldwide in March last year with a new website and his first two free books. These have already been a major success with over 50,000 audiobooks and tens of thousands of ebooks downloaded since then. He’s also an award winner with his third book, ‘Boken’s Big Trip to England!’ picking up Bronze in the e-Lit Awards 2021.

Now, he’s just launched his two latest books and they’re even bigger and more adventure-packed! Boken’s Awesome Autumn Adventure!’ Parts 1 and 2are about Boken’s adventures in Ireland and Spain with his parents and have over 300 superb illustrations and seven videos to keep kids engrossed for hours.

They’re available right now as both ebooks and audiobooks from the new website at www.bokenthedog.com as well as all major digital retailers including Amazon, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Scribd and major libraries.

Boken’s Awesome Autumn Adventure!’ Part 2 also comes with an amazing extra FREE book which can be downloaded from the website – ‘Boken’s Dream Knight’ using the special code provided in book 5.

New website with even more free activities!

The Boken team have also beefed up his website to include tons more free fun stuff for kids. The first website was a massive help to parents all over the world during the global lockdown last year. Crammed with free games, maths puzzles, crosswords, word search, Sudoku, number search, colouring-in pictures, spot the difference, storytelling ideas and more, it kept children occupied for hours – and gave stressed-out parents a well-earned break!

Boken’s new website has even more to help children have fun, be creative and learn, with free ebooks, free audiobooks, blogs, videos, songs, Bokeneer’s Fun page full of even more free activities, Boken’s Buddies Club and a Pets’ Gallery where kids can upload photos of their pets.

Brand new on the site is a special page devoted to helping children deal with bullying. This actually came about because Boken was receiving lots of messages on his social media pages from youngsters around the world who were being bullied. The new ‘Nice to be Nice’ page helps kids identify bullying, tells them what to do, and how to stay safe both in the real world and online.

To meet Boken and discover literally days and days’ worth of great free kids’ activities –  and hours of peace and quiet for you – go to www.bokenthedog.com!


Arrrhhooooo! (That’s Boken’s very loudest and happiest howl!)

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