Christmas Books for young children

Here are some of our favourite Christmas books for young children. Books make for ideal stocking fillers.

Dear Snowman by Kathryn White
snowman book

Illustrated by Alison Edgson (£7.99, ages 3-6) – published by Little Tiger Press

Little Rabbit and Snowman are the very best of friends. But when winter fades, Snowman is nowhere to be found. Wherever can he be? Soon a postcard arrives for Little Rabbit. It’s from Snowman – and he’s travelling the world!

This brilliant book about an adventurous snowman comes with six postcards and masses of stickers, so little readers can send messages to their family and friends just like Snowman. Children will love the excitement of reading Snowman’s postcards and letters and finding out where in the world he has been.

Ten Twinkly Stars 
ten twinkly stars

Illustrated by Russell Julian (£8.99, ages 3-5)- published by Little Tiger Press

This enchanting counting book with its sweet night-time story, is perfect for parents to read with their toddlers before bedtime. As night falls around the world, count the twinkly stars as one-by-one they disappear over the sleepy animals’ heads. A fantastic book for toddlers learning first numbers, Ten Twinkly Stars will help children learn to count down from ten as each sleepy animal goes to bed.

The Very Snowy Christmas by Diana Hendry
the very snowy xmas book

illustrated by Jane Chapman (£6.99, ages 1+) – published by Little Tiger Press

It’s the night before Christmas and Big Mouse and Little Mouse are putting up decorations. Little Mouse scampers out to search for holly but finds big white flakes falling from the sky. “Goodness me!” he cries. “The sky is coming undone!” And as Little Mouse’s world is covered in snow he discovers strange things all around him… A board book edition of the hugely popular The Very Snowy Christmas by Diana Hendry, the chunky pages are easy for little fingers to turn and hard-wearing enough to be read again and again.

The Reindeer Girl by Holly Webb

The Reindeer Girl cover

(£7.99, ages 6-8)

– published by Little Tiger Press

There’s something about Holly Webb writing style that makes her stories irresistible. Holly is such an accomplished author especially in stories involving cute animals and sweet children. We loved interviewing her for our London Mums magazine issue 10 (Winter 2013) – you can read it online at if you missed the print version.

The Reindeer Girl is a very Christmassy story of a special friendship – just in time for those long dark nights by the fire.
Lotta loves to hear Great-grandmother Erika tell stories of her childhood, herding reindeer in the snowy north of Norway. She dreams of having such adventures, too. Little does she know that her wish is about to come true.

One night, just before Christmas, Lotta wakes to find herself in the world of her Great-grandmother’s stories. Soon, she finds herself drawn into a magical world, travelling by sledge, herding reindeer from the snowy mountains to the summer pastures. Then Lotta comes across a reindeer calf and its mother who need her help and then the adventure really begins…

The Reindeer Girl extract

The Reindeer Girl is an enchanting winter’s tale, which will delight her loyal fans everywhere. In a sumptuous hardback edition with beautiful illustrations throughout, this is a perfect gift for Christmas and a tale that children will want to return to again and again.

Holly Webb started writing while working as a children’s books editor. She lives in Berkshire, with her husband and three sons, and is the author of best-selling books for Stripes and Orchard, among others. Sales of her Stripes titles alone are now over 1 million copies. She also recently wrote The Clever Little Kitten, especially for World Book Day 2012. Find out more about Holly at her website,

Moonlight Tales 
Moonlight Tales book

(£5.99, ages 5-8)

An owl chick hears an amazing myth under the moon, a mouse’s tale magically comes true on Christmas Eve, and a brave little beaver decides to live up to a legend one night…

Moonlight Tales is gorgeous anthology of animal stories with a wintery theme, which is perfect for bedtime reading. Snuggle up with your little ones and share these sweet stories together before they go to sleep. With delightful illustrations from Alison Edgson and featuring brand-new stories from much-loved authors including Holly Webb, Moonlight Tales is a beautiful addition to Little Tiger’s hugely successful range of anthologies.

One Starry Night (£6.99, ages 3-7)
One Starry Night book

Little Hedgehog and his friends are on an exciting adventure to see a shower of sparkly shooting stars. But soon they find themselves in a spot of bother . . .

Now in paperback, One Starry Night is the new title in the best-selling Little Hedgehog series of books, which include One Special Day and One Snowy Night. With sparkly stars and foil throughout, it’s a wonderful story of friendship.

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