Books for kids: Legendary Journeys about space and trains

There’s something about spacecrafts and trains that fascinates children and parents alike. There’s a new beautiful book series called Legendary Journeys dedicated to those engineering wonders that we will never stop admiring.  





Legendary Journeys: Space tells the history of space through interactive features. In time for Christmas this book is excellent for those wanting to learn more about humankind’s venture into the unknown.



In Legendary Journeys: Space is the slide-out, lift-up, see-through story of the world-famous space travel!

Starting with man’s first experiments 700 years ago, and progressing through the most up-to-date developments in space technology and exploration, Legendary Journeys: Space by Dr Mike Goldsmith & illustrated by Sebastian Quigley is the ultimate interactive guide to the quest to explore beyond our planet.

From the basics on our solar system to Moon exploration, satellite communications, living in space, the Space Station, the Space Shuttle, Mars exploration, and contemporary experiments like space tourism, the entire history of space travel magically unfolds in the pages of this book.

Ten two-stage sliders with die-cuts and flaps make dramatic features that pull out to reveal amazing details of the world’s iconic spacecraft and their inner workings. The pioneers who made space history are there too, including Yuri Gagarin, the first human being to orbit the Earth, Neil Armstrong, the first person to set foot on the Moon, and today’s crews who continue man’s greatest and most legendary space adventure.

A typical double-page spread includes an introductory paragraph and several illustrations accompanied by lengthy, small-print captions. Many pages telescope horizontally, with pages sliding out of sleeves formed by other pages, and extending almost three times their normal width. While the wide format is sometimes used effectively to illustrate a large rocket or a space shuttle (showing internal details through lifted flaps), at other times it adds little beyond novelty. Illustrations include photos, space-telescope images, and artists’ conceptions of spacecraft and space objects, events, and phenomena. This book is suitable for children from 8 to 12 years of age. 




The interactive and dramatic features that pull out to reveal amazing details of the world’s iconic trains and their inner workings are great fun for readers. You can also share the experience of passengers travelling the world’s great railways, including the civil engineer Robert Stephenson and crime writer Agatha Christie.


Legendary Journeys: Trains is the ultimate book for enthusiasts and budding lovers of Trains. All aboard for the trip of a life-time!


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