Books for Father’s Day 2013

The perfect gifts for any man on Father’s Day. Here is a selection of books dads would love to receive this Father’s Day 2013 recommended by London Mums and … kids.

The Politics Book, £16.99

the politics book

Great book for those man (and women alike) who would like to understand how politics work. News headlines worldwide are announcing the latest political drama from the yo-yoing US, the revolutionaries of Africa and the next era of Asian politics. Following the latest breaking news can be baffling, but The Politics Book is here to help you understand how it all started and where it’s now going. Organized chronologically and with easy-to-read, colourful graphics that explain complicated concepts, The Politics Book transforms theory into reality for any man with an interest in politics.

The Aircraft Book, £25

the aircraft book


Featuring more than 800 of the world’s most revered flying machines, The Aircraft Book covers the enduring impact that aircraft has had on society as an object of curiosity, a symbol of luxury, and an essential weapon of war. Broken down into 10 chronological decade-by-decade chapters; from the pre-1920 discovery years through to the cutting edge equipment of the current day, The Aircraft Book covers everything from military and commercial aircraft to the experimental craft that paved its evolution.
Whether your interests lie in the design, mechanics or history, this definitive visual guide chronicles the dramatic story of manned flight in stunning visual detail. Dads will love this book that contains amazing pictures and illustrations – but kids will get crazy with this book! It is every (big & small) boy’s dream in a book! Published by

Sailing Essentials, £12.99

sailing essentials

Whether you’re setting sail for the first time or have been on the water for years, Sailing Essentials is the perfect companion. Full of practical advice on every aspect of sailing, from basic manoeuvres such as tacking and gibing, dealing with difficult weather conditions and navigation, to the most appropriate clothing and the role of crew members- it also includes guidance on essential maintenance and repairs.
Each chapter is carefully laid out with clear step by step instructions and illustrated photographs. A handy waterproof cover and clip-on karabiner means you can have it on hand in any weather, ready to consult.

My Dad! By Steve Smallman
Illustrated by Sean Julian

my dad book

Published May 2013 by Little Tiger Press Price: £5.99

‘Some dads can cheer you up when you are crying
And hold you so high that you feel like you’re flying’

Dads can be clever. Dads can be brave. Dads can be silly and fun. All dads are different but none are as special as your very own!

Celebrating the unique bond between father and child, My Dad! is a warm and funny book that’s perfect for any little one who simply adores their dad – no matter how silly they are! With beautiful rhyming text by the award-winning Steve Smallman, author of Smelly Peter the Great Pea Eater and Dragon Stew, My Dad! makes an ideal Father’s Day present to share. This book will be a wonderful way for dads and kids to bond and talk about feelings for each other in a non-cheesy way 🙂

To Dad, You’re a Star! by Jill Latter

(£6.99) by Little Tiger Press
To Dad, You’re a Star! by Jill Latter

Tell your dad how special he is! Part of the Little Tiger Gift series, this little book is full of gorgeous illustrations by Jill Latter and with a stylish polka-dot fabric cover, it is the perfect way to tell your dad on Father’s Day just how much he means to you. This book will also help children find the right words to express their feelings for their dad.

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