Books for early readers: FREE Secret Seven titles by Enid Blyton

What a great idea for McDonalds (for once) to offer books with all Happy Meals instead of useless and cheap toys.  The books being give away are those by no less than Enid Blyton and her Secret Seven adventures.

enid blyton secret-seven books collage

Over the period of the Secret Seven Happy Meal promotion (Weds 30th April – Tues 2nd June 2014) Happy Meal customers will receive:

–         A physical Secret Seven book in every Happy Meal (one of 6 short stories with exclusive colour illustrations by Tony Ross, 4 pages of activities and reading tips from the National Literacy Trust)
–         A voucher to download a free Enid Blyton e-book via the Kobo website (Famous Five’s ‘Five and a Half-Term Adventure’)
–         A voucher to redeem one of two Enid Blyton full-length titles in WHSmith or Eason for just £1 (‘The Secret Seven’ or ‘Five and a Half-Term Adventure’)

For those who are not familiar with this author and her work, here are information.

Secret Seven Happy Meal box

Enid Mary Blyton

Enid was a true Londoner, born and bread in the Capital (11 August 1897 – 28 November 1968). What a rarity! Read more about her writing career on her website

She became a children’s writer whose books are among the world’s bestsellers since the 1930s, selling more than 600 million copies. Blyton’s books are still very popular, and have been translated into 90 languages.

The Secret Seven

The Secret Seven are a secret society who hold regular meetings and organize things to do, whether it’s helping the community in some way, solving mysteries that turn up, or just having fun playing Red Indians in the woods.The Seven have a secret password, a badge, and a secret headquarters in a garden shed. The Seven are led by Peter and include Peter’s sister Janet, and their friends Jack, Colin, George, Pam and Barbara. They are joined by their golden spaniel, Scamper.The society was actually formed in a short story prior to the first book in this series. The first wasAt Seaside Cottage, featuring Peter and Janet, and the second was The Secret of Old Mill, which featured the entire gang in their first Society meeting.Peter enforces the rules and delegates tasks for the members. The Seven investigate mysteries by shadowing, interviewing and, most importantly, looking for clues. The Seven tackle all sorts of mysteries from missing dogs to mail robbery, and always come out on top.

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