Book review: Octonauts Creature Report

The Octonauts have roamed the seven seas meeting the most extraordinary creatures! Did you know that humpback whales can sing for up to 24 hours? Or that cuttlefish can change colours but are colour-blind? In the Octonaut’s Creature Report, learn all about angler fish to orcas in this exciting new sticker book! Use the over 150 stickers included to complete each report compiled by Captain Barnacles, Peso, Kwazii and all the Octonauts! Perfect for your little Jacques Cousteau or mini David Attenborough at home.

Octonauts Creature Report

My 7 year old son loves the Cbeebies show and adored this activity book that teaches all details on the most incredible creatures from the ocean through various activities including stickers.

It’s easy to read as it is illustrated with lots of cartoon images of the real animals and lots of fact boxes. For this reason it is highly educational while providing entertainment to the kids.

It is an absolute must have book for any Octonaut Fan. And it’s also a great stocking filler.

Get a taster of the TV show to see what it is all about with these videos. The book is more educational than the programme.

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