Book of the week: ‘Xavier and his magical Blueberry Muffins’ by Anges de Sucre

Anges de Sucre are known for their amazing cakes and creations, but recently they ventured out down the path of releasing a kids’ cookbook. So, what’s the big deal? Well this isnt just any old cookbook with a few photos and ingredients listed with a vague description and method to follow. No, this is a cookbook designed to get kids into baking, by merging a story with a recipe to follow along at home.

We followed Xavier and Terry the teddy bear on their story and thoroughly enjoyed going through this with the younger family members. 


It’s engaging, eye catching and easy to follow with kids. The muffins were also fantastic, might we add. It’s not often you can get the kids reading and following the recipe, normally they will just ask for directions and enjoy the process of getting things messy in a controlled environment.

The art reminds me of the childrens books I used to love in my own childhood, and I can only imagine how much the younger version of myself would have enjoyed following this through with my parents.

Xavier and Terry the teddy wake up from a late night dream and are reminded of how much mum loves blueberries, he gets to work in the kitchen and follows the recipe closely to create the cake mix for his magical muffins.

Once everything is mixed and in the oven, Xavier hops back into bed knowing that by the time the family wakes up the muffins will be perfect, magically rising in the oven for mum to smell throughout the house.

The message behind the story is sweet both in taste and thoughts, and is sure to get the younger ones feeling confident in the kitchen to try more advanced recipes in the future. 

Anges de Sucre told us that they’re feeling great about the positive reaction the book has received so far, and have even started to work on a second storybook book. 

It can be downloaded for free as a PDF copy to follow through on a tablet or print off at home, or a hardcover copy with vibrant colours and clear text can be purchased through their website HERE.


What do you think about the storybook book, would you like to see more of these from Anges de Sucre, and will you be following the recipe with the young ones in your family?

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