Book of the week: The Time Cave – Spanish Main by Trevor Anderson

The Time Cave – Spanish Main is a new swashbuckling children’s adventure, a return to the craft of good old-fashioned storytelling.

It may be seven years since the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean film enthralled young adventurers, but the appetite for a good pirate escapade is still as strong as ever.

The Time Cave – Spanish Main book cover

In The Time Cave – Spanish Main,  Trevor Anderson carries his readers on an exciting and highly dangerous journey, bursting with the added intrigue of time travel that had hurled two boys back three hundred years. In this epic tale of youngsters kidnapped and put to work by ruthless pirates, involved in a terrifying, life-threatening sea battle; and with the likely probability that 21st century Jack and Tom will be locked in the 18th century forever, this swashbuckling adventure will have readers coming back for more.

An intoxicating and highly original tale of pirates and Spanish Main life, Trevor Anderson proves himself to be a storyteller that knows how to keep his young readers turning the pages.

Written primarily for children but having also been well received by a broad range of adults,  The Time Cave – Spanish Main seamlessly jumps from one swashbuckling adventure to another, but it is the author’s unexpected addition of his two travelling protagonists – Jack and Tom – that elevates this enthralling adventure from good to great.

Fulfilling the author’s long-held dream of writing a children’s book that he would have enjoyed as a child; the calibre of this novel not only confirms his aptitude for intrigue and spinning a compelling yarn, but leaves readers eagerly anticipating further adventures on the high seas.


The story

Join two boys, Jack and Tom, on an exciting and highly dangerous journey that hurls them mysteriously, back three hundred years to 1720. Kidnapped by marauding, murderous pirates, being part of a terrifying, life-threatening sea battle, with chase, escape, recapture and shipwreck; plus the horrifying possibility that Jack and Tom will be trapped in the 18th century forever. This swashbuckling, page turning adventure will have readers spellbound, looking for more.


The book is attracting five-star reviews:

“I have read this lovely book, The Time Cave-Spanish Main, and I must say, I really enjoyed it. The research into the history of this period was very well done. The sign of a good book is that you cannot wait to turn over to the next page – as was the case with this book. Hopefully there will be a sequel, where the boys come out of the Time Cave in the future!” – Mike Hill


“Many boys dream of great adventures where they show great courage, fight bad guys and emerge as heroes. In Trevor Anderson’s book, “The Time Cave – Spanish Main,” two boys experience adventures they never even dreamed of. It is a wonderful book for children aged 9 to 13, jumping from one adventure to the next. Many adults will enjoy it as well. It is action-packed, entertaining, and educational.” – Alida Spies (Review on Amazon)


“I found the book great fun – well written, imaginative, and very convincing. There is a wonderful pace to it – the characters are fully rounded, the incidents build on one another, and the author controls them all with humour and understanding. It will serve as an excellent model for a sequel: Tom and Jack finding a Regimental button on a Civil War battlefield and suddenly finding themselves transported to 17th cent England; or being mugged in the City of London in 2024, and finding themselves in Shakespeare’s London – etc, etc!” – Charles Vyvyan


“With the advent of technology, some may have thought that the art of enjoying a good book may have lessened. But books like this show that there is still a place for a well-written, traditional adventure that has an almost Treasure Island vibe. It feels like the right time to try something different and this book ticks that box. The book is proof that there’s an increasing interest in authentic reads once more.” – Maxine Emmett Private Tutor. 


The author

Trevor Anderson Trevor Anderson is a father, grandfather, is retired and lives in the South East of England.


He says: “My background is British Army, after which, a career in sales and management for a major financial services company, followed by the setting up and running my own successful recruitment business for over 20 years.

“Since childhood, I have always been and still am, an avid reader. I’m passionate about literacy and love the way books open minds; and how even a fictional story with some historical basis, can lead to a learning opportunity through curiosity and discovery of the actual background. This passion led me to the decision some time ago, that I would write a book for children, with the kind of story that I would have enjoyed as a child, packed with adventure, danger and thrills, and a basis in history. I believe I have achieved that with this middle grade (9-13 year old) children’s book. “


Published by Michael Terrence Publishing, The Time Cave – Spanish Main is available to purchase in paperback (ISBN No: 978-1800947191) priced £7.99 and Kindle format (£2.99) on Amazon here.

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