Book of the week: The Growth Mindset Workbook

The Growth Mindset Workbook by Daddilife Books is an excellent resource for parents and children alike. This workbook is designed to help kids develop a growth mindset, tackle challenges, and become modern-day problem solvers. It consists of 60 activities that parents and children can work on together or that kids can do independently. The workbook is easy to follow and comes with useful printables to practice the exercises.

Growth Mindset Workbook collage

One of the best things about this workbook is that it encourages parents to work with their children. Children can do many of the activities on their own, but having a parent or caregiver involved can help children who need extra support. This creates an opportunity for parents and children to bond and work together towards a common goal.


The Growth Mindset Workbook, written by Han-Son Lee, Founder of DaddiLife Books, is an amazing resource for parents who want to help their children develop a growth mindset. This workbook contains 60 activities that can help children overcome challenges, inspire learning, and become modern-day problem solvers. It is a great tool for parents to use to bring them closer to their children, something to work on together.

One of the most remarkable features of this workbook is the useful printables that allow children to practice the exercises in the book. Children can do many of the activities in this workbook without the help of an adult, but mums and dads can and should be involved depending on each child’s specific needs. In this review, we discuss the contents of the workbook and its usefulness in promoting growth mindset in children.


Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset Workbook starts by introducing children to the concept of growth mindset. The workbook emphasizes the importance of having a growth mindset, which allows us to step outside our comfort zone and gives us the opportunity to grow. The book emphasizes that asking for help in the process and acknowledging our feelings are important parts of this approach to life.

The workbook is divided into chapters, and each chapter has a specific focus. The first chapter, which is the most important, helps children understand the concept of growth mindset. The book explains that having a growth mindset is about understanding that we can improve ourselves through hard work and effort.


The Different Parts of the Brain

The next chapter in the book focuses on the different parts of the brain. The book uses simple exercises to help children understand the different parts of the brain and their functions. This chapter is particularly useful because it helps children understand how their brain works and how it affects their behavior.



Another important feature of the workbook is that it teaches children how to tackle problem-solving. The book emphasizes that there are many different ways to solve a problem and that sometimes the best solution is not always the most obvious one. The book provides children with a range of activities that help them develop problem-solving skills.



The workbook also contains a range of useful printables that children can use to practice the exercises in the book. The printables are particularly helpful because they allow children to practice the exercises in the book without having to write on the pages of the book itself.


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