Book of the week: The Fantasy of Woodruff Well by Marina Nettleton

The Fantasy of Woodruff Well stand-out new fantasy novel gets readers’ imagination running wild in an enchanting world upside down. Marina Nettleton’s The Fantasy of Woodruff Well tells the fascinating story of the author herself taking her dog for a walk in the park. But when she falls into a disused well, she is catapulted into a new and unexpected world bursting with talking creatures, tree people and much much more.

The Fantasy of Woodruff Well book collage

Offering readers both young and adult a beautiful escape into fantastical fiction, Marina Nettleton’s The Fantasy of Woodruff Well brims with the author’s inspired world building and captivating fanciful characters.

With the author’s love of the genre inspired by many of the greats including Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland and C S Lewis’s Narnia tales, The Fantasy of Woodruff Well may have been written for younger readers but the story has garnered appeal and praise from children, young adults and adult readers looking to be enchanted by this unique fantasy adventure.

Delivering all the components of a good fantasy read (escape and adventure, identity exploration and a sense of wonder), and introducing other fellow walkers who have also fallen deep into the well: the unexpected twist at the end will inspire readers to seek out further adventures by this enchanting author.


The story

The Fantasy of Woodruff Well is a fantasy story about the author herself.

Whilst walking her dog in a park, Marina’s world is turned upside down as she falls into an ancient well and discovers an underground world with talking creatures, inhabitants, animals and tree people.

Also featuring other humans who have suffered a similar fate whilst walking their dogs, other characters include tree children, tree men and speaking animals, mushrooms and more.  With so much more to this intriguing tale than first meets the eye. The Fantasy of Woodruff Well is well worth a read.


The author says:

“I want to also continue a series of books on fantasy on the same theme.  I have added a good twist to the end of the story.  Illustrations are added to give a much better understanding of this strange imaginary world I stumbled into.”


The verdict

The book is attracting five-star reviews including: 5.0 out of 5 stars for Fantasy lovers, old and young.

Reviewed by Tony Henderson in Australia on 3 May 2024:

“This is a story that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The writer’s descriptions of fantastic underground creatures is enhanced by the accompanying imaginative illustrations. I would recommend this book to all those who like a gentle but intriguing tale. Its conclusion provides a satisfying and convincing twist that neatly ties the whole story together.”


The Author

The author says: “Marina Nettleton from The  Wirral Peninsular area, retired now but I am an ex -support teacher, three children all grown up now, and a grandson, I  had my own practice  from home, always helping working parents with their children aged four years to ten years primary age groups seeking out new books for their children to read and learn with  library visits.”


Independently published, The Fantasy of Woodruff Well is available to purchase in paperback (ISBN No: 979-8870426150) priced £8.66 and Kindle format (£5.51) on Amazon at and


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