Book of the week: The Adventures of Ty by Chris T A Richards

Chris T A Richards is a new author who combines fantasy and anime into an otherworldly adventure. His book The Adventures of Ty takes place in a world called Eden. The Adventures of Ty finds its eponymous Hero crowned the new Hero of Light. Ty is tasked with stopping an evil mage known as Xilef and he is quick to realise this is a job that is easier said than done. Anyone who is passionate about fantasy, anime or manga will not want to miss this one.

Book of the week collage - The Adventures of Ty by Chris T A Richards

This book has so far received nothing but positive reviews that many new Authors could only dream of. The Adventures of Ty is off to an incredible start due to Chris T A Richard’s creative mind and a story that is truly absorbing.

Eden is a fascinating world where heroes, villains and all sorts of fantastic races live. Including Humans, Elves, half animal hybrids, dragons and birds that can stand up like humans and even talk, along with many others.

Action shots from the main manga that have helped inspire the author for his book

Action shots from the main manga that have helped inspire the author for his book

The story

The Adventures of Ty takes place in world called Eden where all sorts of races and creatures, including Humans, Elves and demons and dragons.

The world of Eden is in the realm of light and is full of magical power. The dark realm that is full of demons and other vile creatures want the light realm for themselves, thus they always invade to try and revive their King Lucifer who was defeated their long ago. His power alone could conquer Eden. To stop this from happing, someone from Eden, is chosen as the Hero of Light and it is their job to fight back the forces of darkness.

An evil mage called Xilef, wants to bring back his master King Lucifer and help him return to power to rule the light realm. Ty is chosen as the new Hero of to stop Xilef from achieving his goals. Sounds great right? Except Ty has a darkness of his own.


Author says:

The angle I came from while writing this book is to get people who love anime and people who love manga a chance to read an actual book. However, anyone can enjoy it.

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Five-star reviews:

While I am not a fan of anime, it blends with the fantasy aspect well and gives you a chance to visualise action in away that might not be possible in other fantasy books.

Kieran Begg


What a great fantasy read! I loved the concept of the book and Ty was a fantastic lead character. I couldn’t wait to see where the story would go next.

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