Book of the week: Rudy & the Wolf Cub – Rudy & the Monster at School by Paul Westmoreland

London Mumsbook of the week is Rudy & the Wolf Cub – Rudy & the Monster at School written by Paul Westmoreland & illustrated by George Ermos – published today by Oxford Children’s in Paperback (£5.99) suitable for kids aged 5+.

Rudy is a celebration of the ‘power of the pack’: family, friends, loved ones; your pack is where you feel you are home. Bridging the gap between picture books and independent reading, Westmoreland explores the importance of building friendships through an exuberant character whose nose for adventure is powered by strong bonds: and a belief that kindness and empathy for others will always win the day. Book illustration showing characters Rudy & the Wolf Cub posing for mums magazine 

Amidst Rudy’s scent for adventure are underlying messages about managing responsibility, developing strategies for problem-solving, building mental and emotional resilience and the strength of teamwork. 

With boundless energy and an impulsive nature, Rudy is always ready to follow the scent of adventure! And with his loyal pack of friends by his side there’s nothing he can’t achieve.


The story 

Rudy & the Wolf Cub

Book cover showing character Rudy & the Wolf Cub When Rudy finds a lost wolf cub at the skatepark, he knows he has to help him. Rudy tries everything he can think of to find the cub’s pack, but they’re nowhere to be seen, or smelled, and time is running out. Can a howl in the night change the fate of the little cub? How-how-harrooooow! 







Rudy & the Monster at School

Book illustration showing character Rudy & monster at school

There’s a new boy in Rudy’s school called Frankie, and everyone says he is SCARY. Which is really saying something, as Rudy’s class is full of ghosts and ghouls, and his teacher is a vampire. But when Frankie gets upset and runs away, Rudy knows he has to help him. The trouble is, Rudy’s wolf senses lead him towards the really spooky castle on the hill. Is Rudy brave enough to follow his nose, and find out the truth behind the monster at school?






Book illustration showing character Rudy posing for mums magazine

The author

A born and bred Londoner, Paul Westmoreland has been a professional writer for over 25 years, creating award-winning adverts across TV, cinema, radio and digital campaigns, including for Honda, Royal Mail, EE, Orange, Carphone Warehouse and more. Now a full-time author, Paul writes from a quiet room tucked away in his home in South London. The launch of the Rudy series marks his foray into children’s fiction. 

“Growing up is a bumpy road, even for a young werewolf, but Rudy always finds a fun and entertaining way to climb out of the deepest pitfall as he finds his way in the world, which invariably leads to unexpected adventures! I began writing Rudy to turn my six-year-old thoroughly reluctant reader into a little boy who’s hungry to binge on books. So many parents have been there, and I wanted to find a way of competing for his attention against screen time and games by inspiring a joy of reading. Rudy brings together all the elements of storytelling that I know young children love, allowing children to explore creativity, friendship with a wicked sense of humour!” – Paul Westmoreland

The illustrator

George Ermos is an award-winning illustrator with many of the books he has illustrated picking up several accolades. Recently Firesong, illustrated by George, was chosen by Waterstones as one of the Best Children’s Books to Read in 2022. 


The publisher

Oxford Children’s, part of Oxford University Press, creates award-winning educational resources, picture books, fiction and dictionaries for schools and home. From classics, such as Tom’s Midnight Garden and Winnie and Wilbur, to beloved children’s series Isadora Moon – as well as home to Oxford Owl, a free educational platform created by leading experts – Oxford Children’s offers a range of outstanding books and resources for children at any stage of their learning journey. 

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. OUP is the world’s largest university press with the widest global presence. It currently publishes thousands of new publications a year, has offices in around fifty countries, and employs some 6,000 people worldwide. It has become familiar to millions through a diverse publishing programme that includes scholarly works in all academic disciplines, bibles, music, school and college textbooks, children’s books, materials for teaching English as a foreign language, business books, dictionaries and reference books, and academic journals.


Reasons to read Rudy

Paul Westmoreland’s debut gothic-inspired middle grade series will forge a love of reading in little ones with an appetite for adventure… Packed with mischief, irresistible characters, colourful illustrations & lots of heart, Rudy’s werewolf skateboarding escapades are the perfect spooky read for Halloween!


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