Book of the week: London Letters

London Letters is a brand new functional book about London. It certainly isn’t your typical A-to-Z guidebook to the bustling city of London: in fact it is filled with interactive and eye-catching artwork of Lucylovesthis, and features 26 of London’s districts. From Angel to the London Zoo, kids can discover where to eat, drink and explore the British metropole in a fun way. 

Neatly packaged in a slipcase with 26 folded cards, this guidebook organizes neighbourhoods, from Angel to ZSL London Zoo. Each of these cards provides a handy guide on how to get to there, what to see, where to eat, and more.

As well as a functional guide to the districts of London, this is a fun, interactive way to explore and discover things that you wouldn’t spot using a run-of-the-mill guidebook. The front of the cards display distinctive letter designs and fold out to reveal an illustrated map and tips on where to visit, places to eat and drink, as well as interesting facts and travel information.

The back of the cards feature a quirky bucket list of things to do in the area. Shuffle the cards and pick a district to visit at random to add whimsy and adventure to your tour of London. You can also use the cards as flashcards to quiz friends. When you return home, relive your adventure every day by framing and mounting your favourite cards. 

Newcomers to the city will discover Britain’s capital by following Lucy’s unique maps and recommendations of what to do in each area. Lifelong Londoners will enjoy seeing the capital from a different and artistic point of view.


London Letters is written by Lucy Stephens and published this month. 

Lucy Stephens is a book cover designer and the creator of LucyLovesThis, a small design studio that operates out of Brixton, South London. Lucy hand-draws designs inspired by things she loves; and she really loves type. As a designer in the publishing industry, Lucy was able to let that obsession flourish; and it pervades her work. Her products all use type in one way or another, be it to create a map or simply in the detail of one letter.

London Letters retails at £10.99 in paperback format.

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