Book of the week: How to draw

Book of the week is DK’s How to draw. I have chosen a manual instead of a novel or a picture book because this is really a great book packed with practical tips and inspiring ideas on how to draw starting from the cover and is useful over half term holidays when kids needs lots of entertaining activities.

What both my 10 year old son Diego and I love about this manual are the easy suggestions to draw animals, people and places which are usually quite difficult unless you are naturally really talented at drawing.

book DK How to Draw

Tips include also the best types of pens and pencils to use for a particular illustration, paper and other tools.

There are a lot of blank spaces in the ‘try-it’ sections along the way for kids (and mums) to give it a go. The fear of the blank page is often cause of distress when we are requested to draw anything.

how to draw book -photo-full

I have always found very difficult to draw people while still and moving – but in this manual there is a step by step guide starting from the human face. We loved also the page that teaches you how to draw a dog’s face – the cutest Labrador is chosen as the model.

how to draw book dragon photo-full

Towards the end of the book, after learning to draw most creatures from the animal world and the fantasy universe, there’s a task: telling a story using pictures and cartoons. It’s a great exercise and puts the images into context.

All the exercises provided aim to encourage creativity and explore different styles of art.

It is suitable for children aged 7-9 years old.

how to draw diego images

Diego’s drawings inspired by the book

How to draw is published by DK on 1st February 2017. It costs £9.99 – the best spent pounds for all art lovers and anybody who loves drawing but is afraid of the blank page (including mums).

how to draw 1 -photo-full

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