What most expectant parents tend to do before the birth of a child is spending lots of time researching the best equipment to buy for the baby, but forget (or do not think this is important yet) to consider the impact of a new demanding human addition to the family and marriage.

One of my favourite chapters talks about Jancee Dunn’s consultation with an FBI hostage negotiator who teaches her how to effectively contain an “explosive situation.”  She then writes it up in the form of actionable and achievable advice.

At times the self-aid book is narrated like a novel, and this makes it easy to read. At the end, Jancee and her husband manage to work together to save their marriage and restore the family harmony. It’s not a novel so you would have guessed this otherwise she would have not written this manual in the first place.

I also love how Jancee describes how women feel about their partners who only do the ‘fun’ bits with the kids such as playing in the park, reading a story but then magically disappear when it’s time to change a nappy, impose punishments and make children follow their daily routines or do their homework.