Book of the week: Felix the Friendly Fox Finds a New Friend by Caley Russell

Felix The Friendly Fox Finds a New Friend Caley Russell is London Mumsbook of the week. It’s a joyful new early years’ book that highlights the benefits to kids’ to grow up loving nature.

Felix the Friend Fox Finds a New Friend takes youngsters deep into the forest to meet Felix, a very lonely fox.  But with his life transformed on meeting newfound friend Benny the Bunny, Caley Russell’s story captivates and encourages children to embrace a love of the animal kingdom and nature.

book by Caley Russell

Bursting with this new author and illustrator’s passion for animals, Caley Russell’s children’s book, Felix the Friendly Fox Finds a New Friend, is not only enchanting the little ones it was written for, but those doing the reading.

book by Caley Russell

Captivating those aged 0 to five, the premise behind this vivid and wonderful of embracing the beauty of flora and fauna also supports growing evidence that suggests children who grow up with a strong connection to nature and a love for animals tend to develop greater sensitivity and understanding as they mature.

book by Caley Russell

An accomplished start to Caley Russell’s literary career, Felix the Friendly Fox Finds a New Friend is guaranteed to become a story time favourite, both at home and nursery.

book by Caley Russell

The story

Step into a charming forest adventure through the fascinating tale of Felix the Friendly Fox Finds a New Friend and discover a world where a lonely fox’s heart is filled with joy by an unexpected encounter. Follow Felix and Benny the Bunny as they frolic through the forest, forging a friendship that lights up their woodland world.

book by Caley Russell

The author

Caley Russell is a self-taught artist and writer living just outside Stirling, Scotland, with her two cats. Her debut children’s book draws on her love for animals, featuring whimsical characters inspired by the countryside around her. With vibrant illustrations and playful storytelling, Caley aims to ignite a passion for animals in young readers.


Independently published, Felix the Friendly Fox Finds a New Friend is available to purchase in paperback (ISBN No: 979-8324751494) priced £8.00 and Kindle format (£3.99) on Amazon at and

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