Book of the month: Adventures at Home – 40 Ways to Make Happy Family Memories – By Zoë Lake

All too often our family lives follow a similar routine day after day, week after week, so that it can all get a bit humdrum. In Adventures at Home Zoë Lake shows how to bring entertainment and excitement into our lives with simple to follow, inspiring ideas for spending quality time with our young families, making fun and memorable days, and all in the comfort of our own homes. These activities to do at home are so simple yet so much fun. My aim is to try a different one every two weeks. 

How about letting them become a King or Queen for a day? Imagine they get to choose what they want to do, and as their subjects you obviously have to obey (safety allowing of course), or organise an Obstacle Course in the garden to wriggle, jump, crawl, hop around, or if the mood is a little low, what better than a bit of Disco Fever to make people happy again?


Make your own Bunting, Spend the Night Outdoors, Study the Night Sky, have a Cream Tea Party, Adventures at Home is packed with lots of inspiration for enjoyable things for families to do. Without the need to travel far or to spend money, no special equipment is needed; the book uses what you have around you. And you and your children end up with special memories to treasure for ever.

Adventures at Home is illustrated with the vibrant photography throughout and will be published by Pimpernel Press in hardback on 10th March 2022 at £20.

It can be purchased online from here.

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