Becoming bilingual: great starter books

Icklelingo has created a series of books that are ideal starter kits for all those kids who live in multilingual environments as well as the bilingual ones.

We loved 100 Words / 100 Parole (Italian – English). My 6 year old son was born in London and he speaks English at school but at home we speak Italian. He has been raised bilingual and the biggest challenge for me as a parent is to teach him also the Italian spellings. He is obviously fluent in Italian but he is now learning how to write in Italian as well. This is perfect for the purpose.

It’s a vibrant and engaging book featuring 100 words for your baby or young child to learn in two languages – Italian and English!

There are 12 pages of numbers, animals, colours and other everyday items, all labelled in both languages.
Icklelingo 1: 100 Words / 100 Parole has been created to meet the needs of bilingual children as well as parents and teachers introducing Italian or English as a new language at an early age. Aimed at ages 2+

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