5 Top Books to understand Dementia

When your loved one is diagnosed with dementia, you are left with many questions wondering how you will handle the situation. Living with someone having dementia requires a lot of patience and understanding. However, most people are not aware of handling their patients hence get overwhelmed by the situation.

Several books in the market can help you understand the condition. The books will provide helpful information on dealing with different situations common with dementia patients.

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The market is full of different types of books, which include:

  • Counselling resources
  • Stories from personal experience
  • The latest research on Dementia

Below is a when should someone with dementia go into a care home guide.

Top Books for Understanding Dementia


Activities to do with Your Parent Who Has Alzheimer’s Dementia


Judith A. Levy is the book’s author that describes different activities that would help your loved one go through their journey. The activities explained in the book encourage one to feel special and boost their self-confidence. It helps improve your loved one’s socialization, mobility, and self-care skills.

Trying to find the best thing to do without the guide could be overwhelming, especially if you are not trained. This special book will help you attain most objectives while caring for your loved one in a home setting.


We Are Not Ourselves


This fiction book by Mathew Thomas talks about a multigenerational family. He based the story on an American family whose life changed after their father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He wrote the book after his father’s death, who was living with the condition. He explains his experience in a narrative format that pulls you to a different time and helps you understand the importance of the family.


Let’s Talk Dementia


Carol L. Howell, the book’s author, is a trained and certified dementia specialist who offers care to dementia patients. She is also passionate about educating people taking care of dementia patients. The book offers knowledge, hope, power, encouragement through acknowledging the best practices when caring for your loved one.


Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s


The book by Joanne Koenig Coste is a groundbreaking approach for helping people dealing with Dementia. It explains the importance of love and care towards your loved one living with dementia.

It promotes a genuine connection between the caregivers and their loved ones. It also explains how to handle the challenges experienced when offering care.


Slow Dancing with a Stranger


This book is about Meryl Comer’s personal experience caring for her husband, who had Alzheimer’s disease. She was the sole caregiver hence faced many challenges. She explains the disease’s impact on both the caregiver and the patient. She wrote this book to raise awareness on how to handle your loved one.


Bottom Line


Caring for your loved one may seem easy during the first days of diagnosis. However, as the condition progresses, most people become overwhelmed. Care providers need to possess a lot of understanding, care, and love to walk through the journey with their loved ones. These books contain stories from different people who share their experiences to help others deal with the situation.

However, do not get worried if you read and get overwhelmed in providing care to your loved ones. Visit Eastleigh Care Homes, and they will help you know when should someone with dementia go into a home care.

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