Barbie’s new range of dolls: Celebrating the live-action movie with style and diversity

In celebration of the highly anticipated live-action Barbie movie released today, has launched Barbie’s new range of dolls that cater to children’s imagination and fashion exploration. Let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting dolls and their features that have captured the hearts of both kids and parents.

Barbie's new range 2023 collage

1. Ken Beach Day Doll & Accessories

The Ken Beach Day Doll is the great companion for a summer of fun. With an adorable surfboard and other cute accessories, kids can let their imagination run wild as they create beach adventures for Ken. Parents appreciate the quality and sturdiness of the doll, ensuring it can withstand the energetic play of their little ones. The inclusion of a little dog companion adds an extra touch of delight, making this Ken doll a favourite amongst dog-loving kids. Overall, the Ken Beach Day Doll brings the beach vibes indoors and outdoors, providing hours of creative play.

Barbie's new range 2023 collage Malibu Ken


2. Fashionista Doll #198 in Retro Florals Outfit

The Barbie Fashionistas range has always celebrated diversity, and Doll #198 continues to uphold this value. With her petite body type and natural black curls, she beautifully represents the diversity that kids see in the world today. Her stylish orange top with satiny straps and groovy floral print pants in the Mod – Flower Power style allow children to express their unique personality through fashion play. The addition of chunky golden heart-shaped hoops and platform sandals enhances her stylish look. The reusable vinyl bag included with the doll adds practicality to the package, providing storage for the doll and her accessories, and can even be personalised with kids’ own art supplies. This Barbie Fashionista doll is an excellent gift choice for kids aged 3 and older, inspiring storytelling and creative expression. I love the new durable plastic zip packaging that can be used to carry the doll to play dates.

Barbie's new range 2023 collage fashionista doll retro florals outfit


3. Barbie Extra Fly – Desert Fashion Travel Doll and Accessories

The Barbie Extra Fly dolls take style to a whole new level with bold fashions designed for different travel destinations. The Desert Fashion Travel Doll is no exception, rocking a festival-ready Bo-Ho outfit that exudes confidence and uniqueness. With her long pink and purple hair and pink denim fringe jacket adorned with colourful patches, this doll is ready for an adventure. The set includes an array of travel-themed accessories like a pink flower crown, VIP badge, heart glasses, and camera belt bag that encourage kids to engage in self-expression and styling fun. The oversized bag with fringe details, cactus luggage tag, passport, plane ticket, phone, and water bottle complete the festival look. This Barbie Extra Fly doll is a perfect choice for fashion-forward kids who love to explore the world through play. Ideally, it would be great for mums and kids recreate Barbie’s new range’s outfit to attend a festival.

Barbie's new range 2023 fashionista doll retro barbie bo-ho style


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