Travelling with children: An essential guide to Singapore

Singapore is a central hub for travelers, with countless routes to Australia and Thailand making stops here. Whether you’re just stopping by or visiting for a while, you will never run out of things to see in Singapore. They have it all, from picturesque scenery to delicious cuisine to suit anyone’s appetite. If you’re thinking of traveling to Singapore with children, you are likely feeling apprehensive, but you should know that it’s completely family friendly. You will find a wealth of activities to explore including shopping malls, restaurants, and museums. No matter what your reason for visiting Singapore, we’ve got you covered with this essential guide.

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Things to Do in Singapore

Singapore has a rich tourism culture and many of the activities are family-friendly, with many of them aimed at children. When you come across entertainment venues, especially parks, zoos, and museums, you should know that they were purpose-built with children in mind. Here are some fantastic activities we recommend exploring with your little ones:

  • Singapore Night Safari. This unique safari is committed to wildlife conservation but makes for one of the more interesting attractions in Singapore. Opening at 6:30 PM, this reserve lets you experience their park as the weather becomes cooler.
  • Wild Wild Wet Singapore. The weather in Singapore can be intense, so take a moment to cool off at the best water park in the country.
  • Universal Studios Singapore. What child doesn’t like movies? This theme park is truly magical and features attractions from the likes of Madagascar and Jurassic Park.
  • Garden By The Bay. If you head to Marina Bay, you will find a series of incredible structures set along a series of gardens. We suggest heading here at night and taking the skywalk, which will leave the whole family with dropped jaws.

Choices of Accommodations

There are countless places to stay in Singapore and your pick will be determined by the length of your stay. If you’re only there for a short visit, you will find plenty of affordable hotels that are designed for families. You will need to explore each area, as they all offer very different experiences. For example, if you’re looking to keep the children entertained, we recommend staying in Marina Bay, where you will find the Kitopia Indoor Playground and the NERF Action Xperience. Our favorite hotel here is Mandarin Oriental Singapore.

If you love Singapore to the point you choose to move permanently, there are plenty of buying options available to you. If you’re staying long-term, we suggest finding a luxury apartment in the Marina Bay area. You will find many modern apartments that are in the heart of the city, which means you’ll never be far away from fun activities. To find suitable properties, we suggest heading over to and searching through their extensive catalog. While you’re there, you can take a look at their DBS home loan offers, which will make paying for your new home more viable.

Safety in Singapore

Safety is always a concern when traveling with children, which is why we’ve included an overview of the landscape. According to The Broke Backpacker, Singapore is the safest place in the world and people feel comfortable walking down the streets alone. This is thanks to the quality of their law enforcement, proactive citizens, and transparent laws. However, with high levels of safety comes a sacrifice or two. For example, you aren’t allowed to chew gum in the city, and you won’t even find it in stores. Further, you aren’t able to drink alcohol at night, which helps maintain a safe culture. If you read up on Singapore laws, you won’t run into any problems at all.

Additional Information

Singapore is well connected, with many global airlines serving the airport. To enter the country, you will need to have a valid passport at least six months before the expiry date. Further, your passport needs to have space for their border control stamps. Before booking anything for your trip, we suggest staying up to date here. If you’re staying in Singapore for less than 90 days, you can enter without a visa.

You will need to prepare your family with the necessary vaccines, as outlined by the WHO. These include Japanese encephalitis, hepatitis B, yellow fever, and rabies. We suggest getting these booked in as soon as possible, and at least eight weeks before your departure. If you have them too close to the date, you may not be covered.

A trip to Singapore is the perfect idea for any family looking for a slice of culture. You will find a wealth of entertaining activities suitable for all ages, which means even your older children will be happy. Well before your flight, make sure you’ve had the necessary vaccines and familiarize yourself with the entry requirements.

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