Travel with kids: Unmissable family experiences for under 12s

There are a few family experiences that simply seem more magical and meaningful when your children haven’t yet hit their dreaded teenage years! If that milestone is fast-approaching for you and your family and you’d like to enjoy some special times together first, take a look at our suggestions below and see which you think you would enjoy together most.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

High on most kids’ wish lists is a trip to Disneyland Paris to meet Mickey and his friends and it’s easy to understand why. A faithful replication of the larger park in Florida, the resort is exciting, varied and if the MagicBreaks reviews by Feefo are anything to go by, easy to book too. There’s no complicated organising of ride passes and park entry to worry about anymore, as package deals take care of everything.

With plenty of rides for all ages, a host of favourite characters wandering around and more gift shops than you’ll be able to handle, this is an experience that even the most grumpy pre-teens will love. Adults too, if you let yourself admit it!

London art galleries

Nobody is ever too old to appreciate art, but you might find that kids under 12 have more fun wandering around some of the galleries in London. The Tate Modern is especially good for young children, as it features more bright and abstract works that naturally stimulate thought and conversation. There is usually a large and interactive piece featured in the Turbine Hall – at the front of the gallery – too.

The Tate Modern, London

You can easily enjoy a whole day at the Tate Modern and there are multiple cafes to stop at for a coffee or some lunch.

Ice skating at the Rockefeller Center

Christmas in New York would already be pretty special, but add in some ice skating at the famous Rockefeller Center ice rink and you’re guaranteed to make memories that last a lifetime. When dusk falls and the city’s festive lights turn on, there’s nothing better than hitting the ice, as a family, for some tumbling and gliding, as well as selfie-snapping in front of the enormous Christmas tree.

Rockefeller Center, New York – Image by David Mark from Pixabay

A hot chocolate afterwards is a rite of passage, so don’t skip it!

Harajuku District, Japan

Bright, colourful and full of culturally diverse sights, there is a lot to see and do in the Harajuku District in Shibuya, Japan. It’s a world away from the streets of the UK and has a fashion and cultural movement all of its own on display. Most subscribers to the unique fashion here are happy to pose for pictures or to talk to you about why they dress the way they do, so you won’t need to be shy, just polite.

Harajuku District, Japan – Image by travelphotographer from Pixabay

Younger children will be transfixed by the multiple kawaii stores, which are packed with cute character souvenirs covering the full spectrum from pencils to bedroom curtains and everything in between. Hello Kitty is just the tip of the iceberg.


Of course, you’ll more than likely be desperate to visit Lapland at Christmas yourself, but kids under 12 will get the most from it, especially if they still ‘believe’. Surrounded by snow and pulled around on reindeer-led sleighs, children will never forget visiting the home of Santa and his reindeers. There are some serious cool parent points to be won here.

If you take older kids, they will still love Lapland, but sulky teens might not be as ‘in the spirit’ and these breaks are usually a significant financial investment, so take youngsters and get the most for your money.


Enjoying a little magic as a family is so important, so before you get struck down by teens, try a few of these brilliant break ideas.

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