Travel with kids: The benefits of learning a second language when young

London Mums’ globetrotter reporter Rita Kobrak, who is now reporting from Lucca, Tuscany, has sent us this blog about her experience with multilingual children. She explains the benefits of learning a second language when young. 

Five years ago we decided to move from London to Italy with the intention of giving our two children the opportunity of learning a second language and get to know their Italian heritage. Now aged 13 and 8, Alessia and Sebastiano are completely bilingual and are enjoying learning a third language. I teach English in a primary school here and see how easily the children pick up the language the earlier they start and can imitate pronunciation at 5 or 6 years of age which they can no longer do at 10 or 11. This gave me the idea of organising language camps for families in the summer for all ages so that families can enjoy a Tuscan holiday, delicious food , warm weather and spectacular scenery, but also go home with a basic knowledge of the Italian language and some cooking skills.

Here are a few benefits of learning a second language when young.

1. kids learn faster and easier.

2. Language learning improves problem solving and creativity. Studies show that it strengthens decision-making.

3. It is a good way to connect with other cultures and build tolerance.

4. Learning a second language boosts confidence.

5. It’s a great way to see the world and meet new people!

6. Studies show that Learning a second language improves communication skills and vocabulary in your native language.

7. When you learn a second language new brain networks are created making it easier to learn a third or fourth language.

8. It is good for the brain at any age!

9. It improves job opportunities in the future.

10. Best of all, it’s fun and sociable!


We organise fun Italian language and cooking courses for all ages at Villa Radicata plus yoga and fitness breaks. We are in a stunning, less touristy area of Tuscany so our guests have plenty of opportunity to practice their Italian with locals, as very few speak English in the village.



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