Travel with kids: How to Travel to Saudi Arabia

Although tourism to Saudi Arabia is now open, many people don’t understand the process involved in going to Saudi Arabia. Although Westerners might be hesitant to travel to Saudi Arabia, they probably don’t understand the country or the culture.

The travel warnings affecting some countries mark out the important fact that if you use street smarts and travel mindfully, your travel time should be trouble free. If you’re ready to make this life-changing trip and take on a variety of new experiences, keep reading!

Before You Go

You need a few things to go to Saudi Arabia, most importantly a passport and Saudi Arabia travel e-visa. You must also have a return ticket. Passports are a bit of a picky topic. If you are female under 25 or have a small child, you must travel with a male family member. Authorities can also refuse you entry if your passport shows any activity relating to Israel.

You must have a visa no matter where you are from, and for any purpose of visiting. If you plan on visiting Saudi Arabia for a pilgrimage to Mecca, you must obtain a special visa through the Umrah Agency from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Planning Your Vacation

When you have your visa and are ready to travel to Saudi Arabia, you should begin planning your trip. To get to Saudi Arabia the most common travel method is flying. These flights aren’t the epitome of luxury. But, there are many direct flights to major cities throughout the world. What’s better than a direct flight?

There are a few popular accommodation options including hotels, camping, apartment hotels, holiday villages, and resorts. Resorts and luxury hotels are often miles outside the city but offer international amenities and world-class attractions such as boating and diving.

Camping can be set up on an itinerary to keep you moving and your gear fully supplied. Apartment hotels are very common throughout many cities. Typically, these hotels have kitchens and sitting rooms. Apartment hotels are great for people who are travelling in small groups.

If you’re planning a family vacation, you should explore holiday village options. Many Saudi families will plan their own holidays with holiday villages in mind. These are usually amusement parks that feature sleeping and resting facilities.

Finally, if you’re planning on staying in a hostel, know that many are male-only. Hostels may often be lacking comfort amenities. If you can afford it, stay in a hotel rather than a hostel.


During Your Travel

Saudi Arabia is trying to increase awareness of their great Kingdom, and they welcome in tourists as well as Muslims making a pilgrimage to Mecca. Although they’re currently working on a variety of theme parks and new resorts that will be more affordable, there is a lot to do in Saudi Arabia now.

The biggest attraction, without a doubt, is the Carnival of Camels. At this carnival, you can see camel beauty contests, camel hair art and even eat a camel burger.

You should also make plans to see Diriyah which was the original capital. The Edge of the World is a well-known canyon that is full of unbelievable, picturesque views. Take your camera and capture some of this countries stunning beauty. 


Enjoying Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is still a very conservative country. Many people enjoy travelling to this country every year while following the customs and the law. The law forbids alcohol, drugs, and there are many restrictive dress codes.

If you want to enjoy Saudi Arabia, it’s best to follow these rules and any local customs. This goes for any country you travel to. Speak with locals about appropriate behaviour and for insights into the best spots in town!

The cities of Saudi Arabia are worth seeing and visually stunning. But most of this countries beauty lies in the lands between cities. The small towns, deep canyons, and the Red Sea coast are once-in-a-lifetime experiences for most people. 


Make time to take in everything you can while in Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind that it’s easy to focus on the beauty in front of you without the distractions of alcohol, or romantic conduct. Most people keep to themselves but are very happy to direct you to their favourite spot for a great view if you ask politely.

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