Travel with kids: European Cities with the best ice cream

Indulging in delicious ice cream during the summer months is a universal delight, whether you’re trying to beat the heat in a southern European city or waiting for a rainy British summer to pass. Ever wondered where you can find the best ice cream in Europe? A recent study conducted by Holidu has uncovered the cities with the highest-rated and most diverse selection of ice cream options across the continent.

The best ice cream in Europe travel with kids

The study utilised Google Maps data to reveal the top European cities for ice cream lovers, showcasing the cities that excel in offering a wide range of ice cream, gelato, and sorbet options. This analysis considered the number of ice cream shops per 10,000 inhabitants in each city, highlighting those places that have truly mastered the art of frozen delights.

Key Findings of the Study:

  • Milan, Italy: Milan takes the lead as the ultimate ice cream destination. With a staggering 1.87 ice cream shops per 10,000 inhabitants, this Italian city offers an array of flavors and options that cater to every palate.
  • Italian Dominance: Italy secures its reputation as a hub for ice cream lovers, with cities like Turin (1.84), Genoa (1.59), and Rome (1.57) also claiming spots among the top ice cream destinations.
  • Diverse Top 10: The top 10 list encompasses cities from various European countries, including Spain, Portugal, Poland, and Germany.
  • Scotland Shines: When considering the United Kingdom, Scotland emerges as a stronghold of ice cream delights. Dundee (1.76), Aberdeen (1.30), and Glasgow (1.18) feature prominently in the UK’s top ice cream cities.


The study’s methodology involved analyzing data from Google Maps to identify the cities with the highest concentration of ice cream shops per 10,000 inhabitants. The ranking includes cities with populations exceeding specific thresholds: 500,000 inhabitants for the European ranking and 100,000 inhabitants for the UK ranking. The resulting data showcases the cities that offer the most diverse and extensive ice cream options per capita.

This study provides valuable insights for ice cream enthusiasts and travelers looking to indulge in frozen treats during their summer adventures. Whether it’s the gelaterias of Milan or the charming parlors in Scottish cities, these findings guide you to the places where the joy of ice cream is truly celebrated.

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