Travel with a Cause – Best Destinations for Young People to Make a Difference

Today, people travel around the world for various reasons other than just to be ordinary tourists. Among those, you will often find travellers who want to help communities they visit and give a deeper meaning to their travels. This travel with a cause is most common among the younger generation that would often use a gap year to meet and assist the less fortunate countries, their population, and nature. If you want to experience something so fulfilling, here are the best destinations allowing young people to make a difference.  

Marine conservation in Thailand

Millions of people travel to Thailand every year for its wonderful nature and peaceful retreats. Now, you can not only explore this tropical paradise but also help its people and wildlife through volunteer work. 

The region has many marine conservation projects that always welcome volunteers to help with saving endangered coral reefs. This will also give you a new set of skills like re-planting corals, research, data gathering and a lot of hours of diving among the amazing marine life. And when you are off the clock, you can discover Bangkok, visit Doi Inthanon National Park and explore many temples like the White Temple.   

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The special education program in Nepal

Full of Buddhist and Hindu temples, Nepal attracts visitors from all over the world who want to meet its culture and traditions. With Himalayan mountains are one of the most beautiful sights on the planet with Mt Everest attracting climbers for centuries. 

If you like working with people, Nepal’s capital Kathmandu may be the right destination to make a difference. Here you can join a special education program that assists people with disabilities giving them a chance to live a dignified life. You will teach them English and how to use technology to their advantage so they can function more independently.  

Travel to Guatemala and construct bicimaquinas

Some regions depend on rustic ways to get them going like the village of San Andrés Itzapa in Guatemala. It completely uses pedal-powered machines known as bicimaquinas for everyday operations like water pumps and threshers. Volunteer work here includes collecting and disassembling bikes to take parts necessary to build these devices. 

This will improve the local economy allowing businesses to spend less money on electrical bills and invest more in their products.  Stop by the Tuesday market in the village to buy local produce like charms and candles, while you can go on a day trip to Lake Atitlan. 

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Kindergarten teaching in Bali

Bali is one of the best locations to travel with a cause thanks to its natural beauty. This island paradise is an ideal spot to teach and volunteer with children in a kindergarten. Ubud and Lovina are the best places to start your teaching work in schools as well, but also to help with community renovations. You can also lend a hand with turtle conservation and healthcare education, and spend your free time diving and hiking through the lush landscapes. 

Temples in Bali are part of the Indonesian cultural heritage and there are many of them you can visit during your volunteering like Uluwatu and Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Go surfing in Kuta and dive in Padang Bai, but also don’t miss to practice yoga in one of the many Balinese studios.      

Saving turtles in Costa Rica

While Costa Rica is one of the most desirable spots for a destination wedding, it also needs help with its turtle population. As a volunteer, you will care for eggs and make sure that baby turtles reach the sea safely and without harm. 

Famous for gorgeous beaches, Costa Rica won’t disappoint you if you decide to spend your free time on one of them like Playa Hermosa. The country also has an active volcano Arenal which is great for hiking, and Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio to see diverse wildlife and rainforest. 

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Build homes in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has two sides – one which is full of tourist attractions and the other where the poor population tries to get by every day. Barriera do Vaso favela is one of those where large families live in inadequate housing conditions without electricity and running water. You can help by joining a project that will have you working with experienced builders to give these families brick homes. 

And when you are not at work, stop by the statue of Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain. Or sunbathe on famous Copacabana where you can also try local cuisine and drink fresh coconut water.

Research volcanoes in Iceland

Iceland is well-known for enormous seismic activity and magma flow that many scientists observe with caution and alarm. Earthwatch Institute is working on creating maps by recording events beneath the earth’s surface that will serve as a warning system for future eruptions. This type of work will take you all over Iceland from glaciated Vatnajökull to always active Krafla volcano. 

Besides collecting data, taking pictures, measuring and recording you will also have an opportunity to know Iceland’s nature better. The country has magnificent landscapes that will make you believe you are on another planet full of hot springs and waterfalls. Take a bath in the Blue Lagoon, go on a whale watching tour and drive outside Reykjavik to admire magical Northern Lights.

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In the end

Travel with a cause is becoming as popular as active holidays and honeymooning leading to complete change of the tourist industry. Young people who want to make a difference are more aware of the troubles in the world today and look for the best destinations to help. And with all the problems in the world right now, this is more than a welcoming gesture.   

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